Benefit for Selene Luna – Announcing The Sensuous Woman in LA!

I’m bringing The Sensuous Woman back for one night only! This show is to benefit our lovely Selene Luna. She has terrible hip problems and needs our help now. Let’s get her back on her feet!

Please join us at the Renburg Theater on May 24th for an exciting evening of comedy, music and dance!


senwo flat yellow


More on why we’re doing this benefit show:

On March 6, 2014, burlesque star and comic, Selene Luna, found herself immobile with excruciating hip pain.  The agonizing pain forced her to go to the ER where she was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head. The attending physician told Luna the only solution would be an emergency double-hip replacement.  Luna decided to get a second opinion from one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the country and discovered she’d been grossly misdiagnosed. Luna has hip tendinitis and does not require surgery. Her misdiagnosis would have been an irreversible error that would have negatively affected Luna’s future ability to walk and perform.

The following six weeks were an exasperating battle for proper treatment through healthcare system red tape which needlessly prolonged Luna’s condition; she’s finally on the road to getting physical therapy and medication. In the meantime, Luna has had to cancel two months worth of work.  Unfortunately, in the entertainment business ‘sick leave’ is not a viable option for many artists.  Luna is physically and financially devastated, unable to generate income while awaiting physical therapy and medication.  Legendary comedy icon, Margaret Cho is joining forces with the burlesque and comedy community to help fellow artist in need, Selene Luna, by raising money to recoup income lost for her living expenses.

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