Mercy Mistress: Buzzfeed AM2DM

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Comedian and actor Margaret Cho hopes the forthcoming web series she’s producing, Mercy Mistress, dispels longtime assumptions about Asian women’s sexuality. Cho, actor Poppy Liu, and Yin Q, the BDSM master whose memoir serves as the inspiration for the show, stopped by BuzzFeed News’ morning show AM to DM on Monday to chat about the series with reporter […]

Mercy Mistress Web Series Launch

Yin and Poppy

Today we launched Mercy Mistress, a new series I’m Executive Producing (with the Mercy Mistress team, Sarah Martin, Evan Shapiro and Jessie Boemper)! We had a killer party at the Museum of Sex and now it’s live for all of you on youtube. Enjoy! I really fell for the project at first sight. I hadn’t […]

Almost Asian Series

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So excited to announce that I’m Executive Producing this new series through my new company Animal Family Productions (with partners Sarah Martin and Jessie Boemper). Also with Evan Shapiro. The writer, EP and star is Katie Malia. She’s amazing. We can’t wait to make this! Full Hollywood Reporter Article here.

Arizona GOP using All American Girl Photo

I find this similar to when I was a kid someone told me that Simon Lebon’s name was “Mike Hunt” and so I went around school saying “I love Mike Hunt” and even wrote it on my locker.  I didn’t bother to research and paid the price of a dodgeball to the face. They got […]

Paper Magazine

This was a fun shoot! Thank you Albert Sanchez! Full Story: Paper Magazine

Margaret Cho Opens Up About How Joan Rivers and the Go-Go’s Changed Her Life

Lyndsey Parker Yahoo Music March 21, 2017 Strolling through the aisles of Hollywood’s Record Parlour store, sifting through bins crammed with more than 50,000 vintage vinyl albums, comedian/musician/TV host/rabid music fan Margaret Cho heads for the comedy section and excitedly grabs a copy of 1983’s What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most, by her comic idol and Fashion […]

Variety Feb 2017

Margaret Cho Discusses Her Comedy Album, Hosting Grammys Premiere Ceremony FULL ARTICLE HERE

Village Voice: This is Stand-Up

“Those who do [comedy] know they have to do it,” Cho tells the Voice. “I think I was really born into it and knew that was my identity at a very young age.” Cho addresses race in comedy, how she considers herself a kind of a laugh-inducing yoga instructor, and delving into dangerous territory: “I […]

Margaret Cho Explains Why She Wants to Kill Her Rapist

Originally published on I was raped by my uncle from the age of five to 12, and I told my family, and they believed me, but their solution was “don’t sit on his lap so much, then.” He had already raped other girls and women in my family, so of course they believed me, […]