The Court Reporter

Have we discussed the dog petting position I like to call “The Court Reporter”? It’s a very good thing that I do almost every morning I am lucky enough to wake up at home. My big dog, Bronwyn, who is my older, loving Australian Cattle Dog mix, will follow me out of the warm bed into the bathroom and while I am seated on the toilet, where she and I both know I will take considerable time, and stand, pointing her tail at me.

She stands expectantly, just within the reach of my arms, and I pet the two inches above her tail, on the lower part of her spine, and from where I am sitting, and how I am delicately ruffling her fur with my fingers, it looks like I am a court reporter. We sit for several minutes like this, like we are Exhibit A – The Court Reporter.

2 thoughts on “The Court Reporter

  1. My little dog follows me in there as well and guards his mum.
    Sometimes he will stand up and put his paws on my knee, looking for extra petting. I’m a tad busy, but I will never find another friend like that.

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