FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD: Cho Dependent – Live in Concert


I’m giving away Cho Dependent – Live in Concert (Audio of my Cho Dependent Stand Up Film) for a limited time. It’s nominated for a Grammy and I want to share it with everyone between now and the Grammys (Feb 10th). Just click Download and/or Buy Now and enter 0. Enjoy!

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  1. I listened to the album, and I find it very hard to believe a woman as gorgeous as you has any trouble getting fucked at any time. You’re a complete hottie.

  2. Wow, thanks so much for making this available. You are so generous to share your talents like this! Good luck on the Grammy! I hope you win!

  3. Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for sharing your album for free! I knew your song “I’m sorry” which is absolutely hilarious so I was looking forward to hear more of you. Over here in the Netherlands you are not very well known I think but I will be introducing you to some of my friends over here.

  4. Margaret,
    I watched you on The Talk today and knew I had to get your album. Best of luck on winning a grammy. You deserve it, dammit. Thanks for your gift. You’re the funniest woman alive.

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