Is there anything more exciting than new life. Dove is new as the morning dew and she’s not my dog, but a very welcome recurring guest star dog.

She’s got that soft puppy fur that lays flat against her pink chicken-like body and needle sharp teeth she will sink right into the fleshy part of your palm. When puppies bite it never really hurts but it’s not a good practice for them to get into.

She rolls over and over and over and over and it never gets old because to her its never happened before. She’s never happened before and she’s loving it.

Dove’s ears are shell pink inside and they flop all over as she bounces up onto the couch.

Sometimes she will work herself up into such a frenzy that she will just collapse midplay. She turns off like her battery pack has been removed or her plug has just come out of the wall.

She falls asleep on her back like a human child, lying like a toy soldier on her mother’s lap. Her limbs are completely straight, chest up, dog legs at her sides and below, seemingly at attention but actually loudly snoring.

3 thoughts on “Dove

  1. AWWW, Dove is aDorbs. I love Dove!!!! I look forward to hearing more about Dove’s love. *kisses to u both* & see u in Cleveland, OH on 10/5/12!! xo Mara

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