Emmy Nomination!!!

Oh it’s so exciting! I got nominated for an Emmy and I think I am actually high from it. That is the best, when you get high from your life’s work, and I usually do, but this is an extra special high. I woke up to find my phone beeping with texts and email, which is very rare. They were all congratulations from my friends John Roberts – nominated for the fantastic Bob’s Burgers, Ben Feldman – nominated for Mad Men (!) and Tina Fey – also nominated for the brilliant 30 Rock.

I am grateful to know such talented and kind people, and I am overwhelmed by the good cheer and lovely words from folks all over the world today. I never really went to too many award shows, and I guess this is when I need to take a shower and put lotion on my feet. I am not such a girly type. I am sort of like a Marcie butch – you know that girl that seemed to be peppermint Patty’s girlfriend on Peanuts? Marcie was femme to patty, but not really femme to anyone else. That’s me. Femme to select few.

I try to get out of wearing makeup and I don’t even own a hairbrush, which is distressing to all the beauty professionals who have to work with me. I believe I have tremendous style, which I’ve been able to get by on. I think of tattoos as jewelry and permanent makeup combined and so my aesthetic is dictated by the amount of time I have to myself, which is usually none.

So now begins the search for a signature look – something winning! The Emmys require real Hollywood glamour.

Maybe I should get a perm!  I am going to do a home perm right now so it’s frizzy by September.

I am not sure I have been this happy in my life. Thank you Tina Fey! Thank you Emmys!! And thank you Kim Jong Il…

14 thoughts on “Emmy Nomination!!!

  1. Congrats gurl! U deserve it! Been a fan for years. Don’t let that bitch Kathy Griffin know. She’ll snatch it right out of your hands, even though she already has one; a fact I’m sure she has mentioned to you more than once LOL

  2. Congrats! That’s so sweet that Tina sent you good wishes…what did she say? Also are you the first woman to be nominated for playing a man?

  3. Congratulations Margaret, It’s wonderful to see you being recognised for your talents and the contribution you make to your crafts! I keep up with many of your blogs and on FB and in my opinion Girrrl you work damn hard! and DESERVE to walk that red carpet in style and lap up those media hounds! Personally I think you need to wear Ms Sassy…perhaps a 70’s Black Leather Jumpsuit, or just some feathers…what ever you wear – Show them Tatts and wear em with Pride! You Earned every bit of em!
    Love, Peace & Power
    Robbie in Aust!

  4. Congratulations gurrrrrrl! You know that the on.y way to dress for these occasions is poultry, right? You’ve said so yourself. Just find some fabulous bird to be your inspiration (you have done peacock, Bjork has done swan and Cher has done turkey, maybe you could be an owl this time, or a fierce raven or something).

  5. Congratulations, Margaret! I have been a fan of your work for years and I love your feminist spirit. Please include Australia on your next tour–would be great to see your show here. Well done on the nomination and you deserve to win!!

  6. Perhaps the understanding can begin. Congratulations Margaret
    working with Main Stream Media (Entertainment) to perhaps help your nation of ancestry heal, besides make us Occidental boyz crack up laughing:)

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