New Ipad

This new ipad came fully loaded in the mail, sprinting to me on its own steam, when where how it got here I don’t know. She just came, in an orange sleeve, with the keyboard made for hands even smaller than MINE, which seems unfathomable. I have the smallest adult hands I have seen, and I have seen a lot of hands, as I always look and compare. This is the curse of being born with something you decide is inadequate, you are always looking at what everyone else has so you can think painfully further about what you don’t have.

I am not sure about her yet. I don’t know if we are going to fit. She’s so small, and my ideas are large, and my hands want the space to write what they will. She’s too sensitive for my touch, which was used to the buxom, lusty spread of the 17 inch Mac powerbook. I could grab the 17 inch and man handle it and get up to 70-80 words per minute with not even a comma out of place. I am a veteran when it comes to querty, typing is in my blood. I can say it and mean it and not even look down when i do – this is my familiar, the 17-inch. this was my tool. And now having downsized, the 17 inch giving me a lightning worthy electric shock one too many times coming out of the xray machine at airport security. I thought – I don’t want to use my jacket like a pot holder anymore. I am sick of the shocks, sparks flying off my hands literally – enough. I need something new. And now she’s here and I am trying, oh trying to love her, but my heart is reticent, my hands are illogically faithful, monogamous to the big computer, even though I tell them all keyboards could belong to them.

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  1. I remember when I first got a Mac. I could not get used to the flat keyboard. Same thing for users of the Ipad. Hard to get used to a flat surface to type–especially if you are used to typing fast. I dont think I would want a keyboard for Ipad. I would just get used to the flat surface. That is prbly wear and tear on the Ipad screen however. It is great to b so compact. Now Ipad mini will b out soon for ppl that their iphones are just too small…

  2. You will love it. If my mom can get use to it so can you. And my mom has never used anything related to computers before.

  3. Margaret, you write beautifully.

    Also I bet I have smaller hands than you. People get really shocked and pull their hands back when they shake my hand because it’s that small.


  4. Going from a 17-inch laptop to a 10-inch tablet is going to produce some culture shock for anyone. It’s not just a “down-size”, but a completely different user experience.

    I think you’ll grow to love the iPad, Margaret, but probably for web media consumption rather than content creation. I can’t imagine trying to compose a blog entry or even write an e-mail of more than 2 or 3 sentences on an iPad, which is why I own an 11-inch MacBook Air instead.

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