You’ve sparked my pinterest. It’s kind of crazy. I believe I am an addictive person. I come back to the well for more and more and more, no matter what I said before. No matter what was regretted in the morning. The mind does gymnastics in an effort to justify any action.

Excuses are a test of your creativity, but the length of lies to the self, and the strength of belief – it’s pretty well unbelievable. What is lucky and good – I kick most things easily, after about three days of monotonous suffering, mimicking the cross, which I can handle always, which is the other side of the story, what keeps me out of certain facilities at least for now, and out on the street, kicking these restless legs all the way to the bank.

But Pinterest, now you are talking about something else. Pinterest I have spent a little more time than I like on. Yesterday I spent in a haze of pinning. It’s a shade like sewing, touches of styling, a bit of editing, putting all of it together. The boards I put up are disorderly though. Random pictures thrown up in a chaotic burst of enthusiasm and aesthetic bliss. I never knew where to put those pictures of things I save on my desktop, that live on in my mind’s eye, after my face’s eye has enjoyed them.

There’s lots of Catherine Deneueve, lovely and rich looking. Untroubled in the 1960s and then later in the 80s when it looked like a touch of trouble had come on. But always, she’s beautiful. There’s Steve Mcqueen, the man of every motorcyclist’s dreams, riding and smoking and simply magnificent in his uncomplicated masculinity. I can imagine if he were around today, he’d have a Husqvarna engine revving for a ringtone on his iphone, but he’d never hear it because he’d always be riding and so would text you back hours after the fact. He’d be a guy who would like you, but he liked other things more, so too bad about you.

There are girls on bikes like Marianne and Jane, as well as rock pairs from then and now. I have some photos of Brigitte Bardot I want to put up but I’m conflicted about her. She’s made such a mess of her iconic status, with her racist and homophobic politics. In France, she is the worst of anyone you’d see here running for office. There’s no equivalent. She’s really that bad – worse than David Duke even. It kills me because she was so fierce and yes she loves animals but hates people of color and gays so what is beauty and style if you are not even a human being? She looked good though. I want to maintain that. The bitch looked awesome. I just might need to pin her with a disclaimer.

I will pin and repin until they put me in the pin-itentiary. Come have a look.


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  1. and where is your new bike in all of that jumble?? “umbrellas of cherbourg” still my favorite by far over the dark and depressing “belle du jour” and don’t know about racism and homophobia other than what i encountered on an unfortunate project (in north america and wetern europe) that was more transgressive than progressive lacking far too many trannies. though, i kept on looking. have a lovely and beautiful day.

  2. My boyfriend and I being image junkies, pinterest has become a household addiction. We must be strong!

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