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Rick Perry’s new ad is so gross, and has more dislikes on YouTube than ‘Friday’, which is no small feat. I actually like Friday (haha my shame) but I am glad that people have the sense to give Perry a thumbs down. It makes me believe in this country and the good feeling and smarts and fine taste we possess as a nation.

When I worked in Austin years ago doing club sets at Capital City, people would tell me that the best way to get the audience going was to talk about how Rick Perry was gay. They said he was closeted and that this was an open secret and a familiar joke that had been bandied about the gay community for Perry’s entire political career.

Also, back then, Perry had very recently fired several openly gay government officials who worked in his office, and the people of Austin were angry about it. They said it was an attempt to hide his true identity. He didn’t want people working with him who knew about him. That’s real closet case behavior. You take measures to ensure that you are the only one, because the fewer who know, the fewer you need to protect yourself from. you can keep the charade going for longer if no one is on your team. It seems lonely. That is sad that a gay man has to hide who he is to the point of hurting those he is, but isn’t that how it goes when your live/work space is in the closet?

The ad is insane, like he’s walking in Narnia, the deep dark foresty depths of the closet, wearing the brokeback jacket of all things and talking about how gay rights somehow interferes with Christmas. Did the gays steal Christmas? Is GLBT the new Grinch?

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  1. Not only is he wearing the “brokeback jacket”, but the music used in the spot is from composer Aaron Copeland — a well-known, out, gay, jewish musician. So delicious.

  2. Good read…I must admit, down here in Texas, those jackets are very popular….gay or straight. I have also heard these rumors. I also heard Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) had hinted at these rumors when considering running for Texas Gov
    ernor. I would love to know what she knows about this!!!! Always enjoy your work…Take care.

  3. I posted that link on my fb wall and wrote the following:

    /facepalm – this is how humans create problems that aren’t any. If you wanna pray to God while at school, do you have to do it loudly so everyone can hear you? If you want people to see and hear you praying, then you are missing the point of praying.

    He is acting like gay people are suddenly gonna start to have sex with everyone of the same sex just because they are out of the closet. That’s like saying a straight man wants to have sex with every woman he sees (in some cases that is probably a bad example).

    There are people who go to church every Sunday, but their main intend isn’t to worship. Their main intend is to be seen by other people, just to have other people think that they obey God and that makes them good Christians. That’s ego and has nothing to do with the spirit (which is what connects us to God in the first place) Rick Perry, you are one of these people and therefore you fail, big time.

  4. most of us can laugh at him. shake it off and go back to sweet oblivion. It would suck to have to live in Texas. Ever. Unless I could live in the hotel Westin at the Galleria mall and eat for free. And the bars would be open 24/7. But I digress…

  5. Daayum, woman! I had completely forgotten about that part of his career – the firings and rumors. Thank you for giving me a way to laugh at him for a second between screaming profanities about the jerk who has plagued this state far too long.

  6. GRRRRRRR you so rowdy. Rick Perry is Texas’ most beloved fairy. You see my dear, those jokes that you made in Capital City were spot on. Everyone knows that our dear Governor Goodhair is a dick loving John who can’t keep his hands to himself. I have a close, personal friend who was fired from his aid position after Perry grabbed his ass. My friend turned him down and lost his position. Talk about being stiffed! Slick Rick’s inability to get with ‘the gays’ has been such a sad thing. Everyone knows that it gets lonely out on the ranch… In a land where women love big hair, rhinestones and Ms. Parton and the men sport those itty bitty wrangelers, there is so much fabulousness that could be exploited. My own home town of San Antonio is one of the most popular destinations for gay service men (represent my loves!) and there are a lot of us in the Lone Star State that say this: “We aren’t tolerant. Toleration is dealing peaceably with something you disagree with. When you are here you are family and you are LOVED. We ain’t gotta tolerate ya– we already adore ya.” Bigoted minds are a dime a dozen. RICK PERRY IS NOT TEXAS. I am Texas, and all my girlie boys dancing the night away are the biggest cowboys of them all. <3<3<3

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