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We should talk about clothing sometimes. I have beautiful, impeccable, imaginative, innovative and flawless style, no matter how many times I have been featured on worst dressed lists. Every time I get dressed, there is passion and an eye for detail involved. Comfort, class, weather, time of day, time I will be gone from home, texture, hue, appropriate level of dressed up/down, activity, how it looks from every angle while engaging in activity – everything is taken into consideration. There is an art to dressing, and you can feel beautiful and amazing all the time, not just at night, not just on dates, not just for special events, but seriously – every time you wear clothes, every time you put something on, you can be perfect. It’s an opportunity for art.

Every time you put anything on, it is a moment of self expression. Of course there are lazy days, and I have a lot of those, but that doesn’t mean I don’t look good, at least to myself. There are days of wearing the same thing over and over, but if it works, work it. My style obsessions of the moment are high waisted belts, thin hip belts, jeans – but not of the bright crayola variety that are ubiquitous right now – I like a deep black and if it must be a crazy color, I would go with a peacock teal or a lipstick red. If it looks like Chrissy Hynde’s pants, then I want them. I am spending a little more on t-shirts, getting really good kinds that are worn a little, that fit perfectly, that have a softness and sensuality to them, that can be snug enough to wear without a bra (scandalous) and also with a sports bra so they can look good at the gym. I get the ones made to advertise my favorite tattoo studios and artists, as well as books that have gone out of print. T-shirts are important and you don’t need to skimp on them. If you want to skimp, do it with underwear and socks and bras. Normally I just go without that stuff. It’s only about what you can see, in my opinion.

Also, I am going crazy for a tight leather jacket, and you can just have one and wear it every single day all the time and even sleep in it. I have 3 – it’s extravagant I know, but I wear that shit every day. I go back and forth between a thick all saints and a thin all saints, depending on the temperature, and then I have a veda purple/blue suede I got in a sick sale on refinery29. Sick sales are important and you have to take advantage when you can. So that is my leather jacket life.

Alternatively, John Roberts and I got matching Barbour waxed cotton motorcycle jackets that I love so much I had to also get a Barbour bag with dudes wearing the jacket so I could see the jacket when I was wearing it and not looking in the mirror. We wore them together when we were in Glasgow and a hot Glaswegian taxi driver asked us if we were a couple and we in our matching jackets yelled out “NO!” in unison, as if to assume as such was a terrific insult. The jackets are deep black, and John’s is matte and mine is shiny, but they’re both waterproof and warm. The zippers and buttons and snaps and hardware is all gold, and won’t tarnish. It’s soft inside and a little hard outside. If you could have a sexual crush on an item of clothing, it is my Barbour jacket. I keep trying to work the jacket into conversations, as if the jacket applied to the subject. When I talk about my Barbour jacket, my hair stands on end and my face flushes and I start to speak quickly and the words jumble together and I can barely get them out. I love this jacket so much I am actually signing up for motorcycle lessons which everyone in my life opposes, but I don’t care. Anything for my Barbour jacket. Anything.

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