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I am getting a tattoo today, and it makes me feel wildly emotional. I have been getting lots of work done lately, all in areas that are fairly undetectable; stomach and back, thighs and ribs, back of legs, inner arms – moving down towards my knees now. It seems that people don’t think you are tattooed if you keep your forearms and hands and neck and face bare, and that’s what I am going for, a kind of invisibility and stealth with my own tattoo collection. This is (somewhat) secret art for me and for those who are lucky enough to have seen it, and also treasures from artists I love and laugh with and enjoy sharing my life with. When you tattoo me, I am yours forever, in a sense. We will be forever connected, as I am your canvas and carry your wonderful work into my inevitable end. And since I am much photographed and filmed and HD flipped and Canon 7d’d and YouTubed and Vimeo’d and painted and drawn and quartered – both clothed and sometimes unclothed, your work may well be eternal. I dream one day that my tattoos will be emblazoned on a glass encased wax figure in a museum of natural history, alongside a display of my bongs, dvds, digital recorders, broken guitars and banjos and numerous half-full, illegible notebooks and that you will be able to push a button to hear snippets of my comedy. Yes, this is my dream.

The best show about tattoos and tattooers is the amazing Tattoo Age on The artists featured are stellar, beyond genius, visionaries and revolutionaries. Also there are bright and interesting commentaries and cameos from artists who have done work on me such as Don Ed Hardy, Eddy Deutsche, Chris O’Donnell – and artists I am dying to get work from like Henry Lewis <3, Grime <3<3, Freddy Corbin, Dan Santoro, Mike Rubendall, Troy Denning – hell – everyone involved with the show. I wish I had more skin. Artists – I salute you! Amazing job Chris Grosso and!!! Cannot wait for Season 2!

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  1. Great post! Have an amazing time today! I’ll definitely be checking out “Tattoo Age.” I have four and can’t wait to get another.

    Love your work btw. It’s so wonderful to see a minority female ROCKIN’ it in this industry. You are such an inspiration.

    😉 xo h

  2. I think a woman who enjoys the beauty of hidden ink has an incredibly sexy secret. The designs and experiences behind creating each new addition are truly personal, and should remain your own, if you decide to keep them that way. 🙂

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