Cho Dependent DVD Release – TODAY!!


Today is the day! Get your copy of Margaret’s 6th concert film, Cho Dependent, filmed at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA!

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A note from Margaret…

My new DVD Cho Dependent is out finally and I am so excited! I filmed this show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta where I have performed many times and gone to see such diverse acts as Elvis Costello in a country music guise (where I marveled at the man who I have hugged without the English restraint you need when you hug on some English people – they get scared so please approach them sideways like a crab and hug very quickly on the side or just prepare them in advance for the hug by telling them it is coming and wait about 3 minutes before you do it) and his impressive catalogue – as he has so many songs that he can just pick a genre he wants to do or revisit whether it’s the attractions or country or Juliet letters with strings and tour that – unbelievable – Elvis is the MAN and 30 Seconds to Mars which was probably the most unified front I have ever seen in live music. The entire audience knew all the lyrics to all the songs and Jared only had to lift his fine angelic hands and they knew what to do. It was similar to and rivaled only the great Neil Finn and Crowded House shows I have seen in the United Kingdom. Neil only had to raise up his hand, perhaps an opening guitar riff, and we all knew exactly what song it was and what part harmony we would be singing.

The Tabernacle is an old place, but it’s got banging new sound and a hotshit crew that took good care of us. Many of the people filming this show worked on Drop Dead Diva, and so there was family all around. We parked the beloved tour bus in the back of the theatre, and Al, my darling husband came to join the party, as we were set to leave on a long pasta eating excursion to Rome the next day.  It was the last day of a long tour, and I needed my man and I needed a break and I needed carbs and in their most potent form, pasta. Mmm.  We drove in from sunny, alabaster bright Miami, and I had gotten a Snooki-style tube dress at a South Beach tourist trap, so we were unprepared for the weather. It was actually snowing, tiny flakes of newly frozen water that melted as soon as it hit your bare skin – yes we didn’t even know to put jackets on – we weren’t ready for the surprise that Hotlanta actually gets really fucking cold sometimes.

My voice was in a good way, which is pleasing and not always the case, and I had a smashing set, even though it’s disorienting to film these shows, even though I have shot many of them now, and am accruing quite a library of standup comedy shows on DVD, VHS film – I am up for it all and I love it.  Let’s shoot one with a shoebox camera. When you shoot a comedy show, the audience is illuminated, as they are the stars of the film too, as are you. We are all stars. I saw all my friends in the audience, my Atlanta heartthrobs and heroines, and we stayed late at the Tabernacle afterwards with wine and cheese from my prodigious tour rider which is basically a breakdown of what is happening in the cheese world today. Bring on the dairy. If it’s a party, I want to get drunk on dairy. The wine is just to cut the richness, but seriously you could leave that off. I don’t care. I just want cheese.

I am proud of this show because there are lots of surprises, lots of variety elements, songs I love to sing and exciting new material which after months of touring is tight as a drum and I wanna bang it like a gong. Lorene did an awesome job yet again, as we’ve fallen into a familiar rhythm with these. We enjoy it and we come back and do another and another and it feels great. Now this is number 6.

I wanted to shoot in the great city of Atlanta because it is my second home, where I actually spend the most time during the year in one place. My friends there are tremendous, and I miss them during the times when I am off on the road laying awake in hotel beds with my frenemy that gruesome bitch Insomnia. Ms. Insomnia = who I don’t want to be with. My friends from Atlanta = who I do want to be with. And you = who I want to get with. And you + my new DVD Cho Dependent = me happy.


Photo by Lindsey Byrnes
Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

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