Garrison Starr’s New Record

My good friend and frequent collaborator Garrison Starr is working on a new album. We were in the studio last week and she played me some of it and it’s amazing!!! Please check out this video – it’s really awesome and I think everyone should help her out!

There’s a lot of great things that fans can get as well as helping an amazing artist create something truly important.

ps. Jake Newton played the banjo in “Hey Big Dog” and Justin Glasco is mixing my new song with The Posies as we speak! It’s all in the musical family.

3 thoughts on “Garrison Starr’s New Record

  1. This just made my life, I have never been so excited in all my life; I can’t wait to see you perform. You are a true inspiration and I have never connnected with a person or a an individuals beliefs as much as yours; you inspire me to be a better person, and your words make me stronger and confident.

    Thank you,

    A loyal English fan

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