Cho Dependent is Grammy Nominated!

Margaret’s new musical comedy album, Cho Dependent, was just named as one of the Grammy nominees for Best Comedy Album, along with albums from Flight of the Conchords, Kathy Griffin, Lewis Black and Robin Williams!

Cho Dependent was released on Margaret’s own label, Clownery Records, in conjunction with Redeye Distribution, in August. A collection of music with laugh-inducing lyrics, Cho Dependent features Margaret’s collaborations with musicians Andrew Bird, Tegan and Sara, Fiona Apple, Patty Griffin, Grant Lee Phillips, Brendan Benson, Ben Lee, Ani DiFranco, Garrison Starr, Tommy Chong, Meghan Toohey, Jon Brion, AC Newman, Rachael Yamagata and more.

“I wanted to create a new genre of music that is hilarious but also seriously good, so I turned to some of my music heroes to help me out,” says Margaret. The lyrics on Cho Dependent, which tackle issues of sex, drugs, rock & roll – and lice, may be laugh-inducing, but Cho has made no compromises when it comes to the quality of the songwriting and production. With Cho Dependent, she got a chance to hone her craft with some of the top names in the business.

Cho Dependent is available in stores, on iTunes, or if you buy the CD or Vinyl from Margaret’s Shop, you’ll get an automatic download of the album!

Read the Reviews:

Margaret Cho’s sassy humor often veers on the nasty, even the scandalous, but what’s really shocking about her new CD, Cho Dependent, isn’t the explicitness of tunes like “Your Dick,” “My Puss,” and “Gimme Your Seed,” or even the super-stellar list of musicians who join her on each track (Fiona Apple, Tegan and Sara, Ani DiFranco, Ben Lee, Brendan Benson, Grant Lee Phillips). No, what gets our attention on the crackling collection of tunes is Cho’s big belter of a voice. Who knew? Girlfriend has obviously been working on her singing in between acting and comedy gigs.
-LA Weekly

The result is a delightfully exuberant album that includes melodic drug-inspired pop (“Calling in Stoned”), a club-thumpin’ dance number about sperm donation, a Dylan-esque folk anthem for head lice, a perfectly titled torch song (“Eat Sh-t and Die”), and a lush, “wall-of-sound” ode to cock. Overall, Cho Dependent delivers both musically and comically….Margaret manages to do justice to both.
– Koream Magazine

This is no half-assed attempt at crossing over – she enlisted the help of everyone from Tegan and Sara and Ani DiFranco to A.C. Newman and Andrew Bird to create some damn fine tunes for her damn fine voice.
– New York Magazine

Cho Dependent
is filled with witty and funny lyrics as well as delicious vocals and catchy hooks….Her brilliance is showcased best in tracks like “Your Dick” a ballad that pays homage to a man’s southern region while the lyrics are blunt the melody is sweet and the harmonization is lovely enough to momentarily make you forget you’re listening to a comedic album, that is until the falsetto comes in proclaiming “I like your balls too.”
– Sinister Girlz

The album succeeds along the lines of Yankovic’s and those of Cho’s other contemporaries – like Tenacious D and the Bloodhound Gang – with first-rate music combined with laugh lines worthy of a spit take via milk, beer or an internal organ.
– The Press-Register

Personally I love the whole record and foresee it living on my CD player for quite some time.
-Holly Cara Price, The Huffington Post

Margaret Cho sings – and she doesn’t suck! Her first single, I’m Sorry, is just like her – sweet and funny….charming and clever…It will put a smile on your face!
– Perez

Margaret Cho is hardly the first comedian who has developed a sudden urge to sing, but unlike a great many of them…Cho’s music suggests that she might have been able to get by as a pop singer if her career in comedy hadn’t worked out.

Watch the Videos, Directed by Liam Sullivan:

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