Finale Night

It’s done!!! Dancing with the Stars season 11 has wrapped and I am so proud to have been a part of it. Yesterday was a very long day with the extensive and exhausting rehearsal of the opening number, in which I made a microscopic mistake; I am not sure anyone noticed except Louis – but he was kind enough not to mention. There was so much perfection in all the dancing I did yesterday, but of course, all that I remember in great detail are the errors.

Before we went out there the Hoff was in the hallway doing navy seal style pushups very low to the ground and then lightning fast sprung his tallness into position. It was so exciting to watch all the pro dancers strut their impressive stuff on the stairs (during rehearsal I would sit low as I could so I could have an ass point of reference – their asses are unstoppable, especially Cheryl and Maks) and then to dance with everyone – pros and stars – on the floor. I felt proud in my backless little red dress and my trusty old worn-out-from-bellydancing-in-middle-eastern-restaurant capezios. I realize I should have worn these shoes when I was competing as they have a kind of sympathetic magic and lend lightness to my feet. The satin is dull and the rhinestones are haphazardly placed, but these shoes are my dance history, which I didn’t draw on nearly enough throughout the entire DWTS experience, until last night. My tattoos were painted in glitter which was so pretty I wanted to start screaming.”We should have done this all along. Why didn’t we do this all along? Why are we not competing in the finals?” all day I said this to Louis. He answered in his typical fashion – “I know. I know. I know, we should be. Well, we are doing it now. We are doing it now.” I also kept grabbing Brandy – “Why aren’t you in the finals? Why? Why? Why? Brandy??? Why? You are such a beautiful dancer! WTF? Lots of people got robbed, but you – you… that’s not right…” every time I saw her face I felt like crying. Unfair.

I got in my fabulous rainbow dress and looked at Louis next to the camera on the dance floor, seconds before dancing in front of 24 million people. He was smiling and nodding and with his special language of gestures and pointing reminding me to let go and have fun and I looked at him and I thought about how much I love him and how much I wanted to thank him for all his hard work and all he taught me. It must be how gymnasts or skaters feel looking at their coaches right before they compete in the Olympics. “I am gonna dance this for you Louis,” I thought – “I dedicate this to you my teacher.” It was a real “grasshopper” moment. My legs, feet and arms moved in a graceful perfect symphony of arcs and lines. I mastered milliseconds of physical silence. My entire body wrapped around Louis like a ribbon. As I passed the judges I gave them all a special smile and they cheered. I grabbed Florence’s hand as we were lifted up by Louis, Damian, Dimitri and the awesome Corky Ballas. As we waded through the deep sea of rainbow streamers, it felt like we had swum across an ocean of love. When Jennifer won I felt like all was fair in love and war. What a life I thought. The life of a dancer.

12 thoughts on “Finale Night

  1. Margaret, you are awesome!! I’m glad for you that you had this cool experience even if the DWTS judges and audience didn’t really “get” you.

  2. So much love! You were awesome, and I’m SO GLAD you wore that dress again. Seeing you in it made me tear up, particularly with your tats all glitzed up. And you and Florence on the floor together? SO MUCH LOVE. You two need to get a series together, or maybe she can guest on Drop Dead Diva or something, because I would adore seeing the two of you together.

    You’re right at the top of my “Celebrities I Would Like To Hug Someday” list these days, Margaret. You’re an inspiration.

  3. Dayum, isn’t Dmitry hot?
    I’m so jealous!
    Beautiful job last night.
    I’m glad you felt so in the music, so synchronized.
    That’s what it’s all about.

    I think you need to bring Corky Ballas on tour with you, lol.

  4. You actually danced the best. Relaxed and precise and joyful. Why didn’t you dance like that??????? Same question you asked. But now you know you can really dance. Congratulations.

  5. I voted for you as long as you were there. You learned the steps and beyond; you felt the music. You’re a dancer! It was a joy to watch you dance again so beautifully on the final show. Belated congrats.

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