Cho and Flo

I’m back on the dance floor working it out with Louis, Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas for our grand finale number. I get to wear the spectacular gay pride rainbow flag dress, which got washed and now strangely the fringe has grown. Either that or I have lost weight and so now the dress hangs on me. it still looks fabulous. I can’t believe how detailed it is. It might just look like colored fringe, but underneath the strands it is encrusted with beautiful rhinestones that match the fabric. The stones glint when the light catches it when the fringe goes flying. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

I am shedding the flesh toned body stocking and going for full tattoo exposure. It’s ok if it clashes with the dress, although it shouldn’t. The rainbow goes with everything. I love the way the dress looks so 20s, like an Erte drawing, but also kind of flapper too. One of my favorite things I have ever worn, ever ever ever. I plan to borrow the dress to wear to my Wiltern show on Dec 3rd. Hopefully I can borrow it and reborrow it like a library book. We will see!

It’s so fun to dance now without the intense pressure. I really missed dancing with Louis, and he was blown away at how fast I was able to pick up the steps again, even remembering the routine unpracticed for weeks. I still wished we had gotten to do the tango, and the fact that we never got to dance to “Creep” by Radiohead, which was supposed to be the dance we were going to do the week after we got eliminated – will be a thorn in my side forever! Still, this return to dance is completely triumphant. I feel the music, and I understand the moves better this time around, without the constant worry of being eliminated. The photos of the judges in the rehearsal room don’t intimidate or infuriate – they’re just there – like they will just be there at the finale – enjoying our efforts just like they had been all along.

Florence and I are probably the biggest fans of the show itself. We have been coming to the tapings weekly and cheering everyone else on. I also have been enjoying a bit of partner swapping and dancing with the incredible Corky. He’s such a bad ass dancer – cool as a cucumber and watching over Florence and caring for her with a real tenderness that is very touching. She told me that when she messed up her footwork on their Viennese waltz, Corky matched her mistake, so that it looked like it was part of their choreography. That kind of consideration is priceless and rare in a world as selfish and cutthroat as dance can be.

Cho and Flo (which is the title of our new reality show – we decided!) will be in the audience again tonight to watch the final four (omg are there only 4 couples left – shit!). We will wave hello from the crowd!

5 thoughts on “Cho and Flo

  1. Really wished you could have stayed on longer I think you would have been great!!!(not that you already arnt) I really do hope you come out with another show i was waiting for the cho show season 2 8( but never happened hope to see you live one day, your one funny ass gal!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yay!

    florence h was absolutely stunning as a dancer, regardless of her age. such grace! a real pro.

    i’ve been a supporter of yours for many years, always appreciated your honesty and lgbt positivity (i am a staight ally who has participated in the old ACTUP die-ins, etc) in your comedy over the years and i have to say, you pleasantly surprised me with your natural grace in dance, even if it took a while for you to own it for yourself.

    cho and flo were grace and fun that i have missed.

  3. Maybe you could wrangle Louis into doing it in the studio in front of a camera for a vlog entry on your site. That’d be sweet, totes.

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