Thank You for the Dance!

So it’s almost over! Today we go to NYC to dance on The View tomorrow. I had such a great time on Dancing with the Stars and I thank everyone for voting for us. It means a lot.

It’s going to be weird not to dance, but I want to keep up my physical fitness. I feel like I’ve gotten a great start on a new healthy life and I want to stay active. This has always been an issue for me because I am just not used to moving, but now that I am already in motion, it’s going to be easier to stay in motion. I learned so much through this journey and I am so glad that I got the opportunity. And it isn’t like I am going to get any time off to relax, as I am going right back out on tour this week! What I want first of all though is a pedicure. My feet are so hard and calloused – they are straight up Fred Flintstone. I could start a car with them. Yababdabba doo!

43 thoughts on “Thank You for the Dance!

  1. Margaret, I’m convinced the judges are steering the show toward what they perceive will bring in ratings, so as far as I’m concerned, I enjoyed your time on the show with Louis, I thought you guys had amazing chemistry and I thought you rocked the floor. Bergeron seemed genuinely disappointed. I know I am.

    Very proud to be a fan of yours. You stand up to so much BS. Also, you’re freakin’ gorgeous.


  2. I would have rather got to see you in Detroit in person than watch you spin all over on tv.
    WTF I just got a refund from you on my credit card. Does that mean your never coming back to Detroit? But, but, we love you, if I didn’t know better I would say you where one of us. Tellin it like it is, not takin any $4it!!
    Glad your getting your grove back on but when it’s all over you better get that tiny behind back to the Motor City, we know where you live!!!

  3. Keep it up! The stopping and starting again is extremely difficult vs. Keeping things moving. You two are AWESOME!

    Luv & lots of votes from ATL!

  4. You were the only reason I watched DwtS. I will now revert to my usual apathy toward network television, watching stuff streaming live or off DVD. However, I hope that we’ll see you do more dancing! Didn’t you take up bellydance a few years ago?

  5. Margaret,
    You were great! I have struggled w/body image my whole life (44 years!) and I totally understand what you mean. It was so great to see you dancing. I thought you were amazing and I could see the joy in your face as you mastered something new each week. I so wish you could have stayed on longer. I voted!

  6. Thanks for the beautiful & inspiring memories.!!!! America just hasn’t accepted the fact, \that you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.\ They are going to miss you every week on that stage. But not to worry. You left with style and grace. And they will remember that most of all. Just remember Phoenix, AZ loves you!!!!! Come back soon!!!!!!!!!

  7. Margaret,
    You were so good! I was so excited when I found out that you were casted on DWTS I actually watched the show just to watch you two dance. You knew when you got into that show you had dancer in you; It was just trying to find a way to come out of you ! You REALLY released that inner dancer out and it was amazing! I hope you really do take this as a stepping stone, you will go one to do many great things and prove everyone wrong just as you always have in your past! Please take care and we all wish you nothing but the best !

    Love ya,

  8. I am also sorry to see you go. And in perfect world you would have outlasted Bristol Palin, The Situation and Florence Henderson. But my favorite is Rick Fox. Why doesn’t he get more votes? Anyway I hope you will eventually dish some behind the scenes gossip about the show! And by all means keep dancing!

  9. Hit me up when you’re in DC – I’d love to have a samba with you. Every dancer knows that the scoring/voting on that show has nothing to do with who is a better dancer. And now that you’re a dancer, you know that, too.

  10. It was a joy to watch you rediscover dance and stick it to those uptight nobody ballerinas from your past. Where are they now? Who knows, who cares! You will always be a champion to those of us who are a little quirky/chubby/gay/disabled/bullied/etc

  11. It was a pleasure to watch you every Monday night. You brought SO much life to the dance floor. It will be bittersweet watching this Monday without you on. I will still watch though, to cheer on my second favorite Florence Henderson.

    I loved seeing your connection with Louis. I could tell that the two of you hit it off amazingly and I hope that you continue to be friends for a long time.

    I’m SO going to miss you this Monday. Know that because of Dancing With The Stars you have some new fans (including me!) that love you for who you are. Keep being an open and amazing person Margaret. We love you! <3

  12. FABULOUS! You were so gorgeous and graceful! I really have no reason to watch now, because wondering what you were going to do next was the only thing that was really exciting. I’m so sad you didn’t go further, but I’m so happy for you! You showed them what you could do, and you were wonderful.

    And, you got to use prime time to say something that mattered, and bring some sunshine and compassion to a lot of people who need it, and love you for it. I never thought I’d feel genuinely teary during “Copacabana” while sober!

  13. Thank you for everything. Like many, this was the first time I have watched DWTS and will struggle to continue to watch. You were brilliant, and you showed what true beauty is.

    Thank you for celebrating pride. With all that is going on in the world, your words were amazing.

    Maybe we will see you again in a DWTS All-stars edition!

  14. Gonna be sad having to wait for the finale to see you dance again, but the only thing upsetting me is you got beaten by that damn Palin girl!
    Loved the dress Monday, loved the shoutout for the young ones going through so much; I am LGBT adjacent (I have some friends who are LGBT), and am not ashamed to say…
    YOU ROCK OUT (and) LOUD!!! Love from Buffalo, NY…

  15. You were robbed, Margaret! You are an inspiration, a hero, and most importantly–a dancer. I have extreme reverence for you as a performer and a person.

    I am writing a chapter of my PhD dissertation on you!!!

  16. Margaret,
    You are a true champion in my eyes….whether you have a mirror ball or not. And you are a beautiful human being who champions a cause that IS my life. Thank you….from the bottom of my heart for being the beautiful person that you are. Thank you for speaking up for the gay community as you do. If one kid DOESN’T harm themself because of hearing your words…..that must mean more than 1000 mirror ball trophies……..thank you.

  17. Margaret,
    I don’t think I have ever written anything to a celebrity but there was something very touching about watching you on DWTS. It was obvious you really put yourself out there and let yourself live in the moment. Given your normal sardonic public personality this must have taken a lot of courage. I just had to tell you that you are fucking awesome and you totally rocked on the show. You are inspirational and I hope you continue dancing after the show.

  18. You are truly an inspiration. You totally kicked ass on the dance floor. Would have loved to see more. I never noticed you have really nice legs. ha! If you’ve got it flaunt it girl! But seriously you were really good. I think the judges were too hard on you. And you are definately a beautiful ballerina!

  19. Dear Margaret,
    I was the chubby kid too…the funny, chunky girl at the party..and every guys’ ‘big sister’. I didn’t spend time in the mirror, I spent it making the awkward feel comfortable. I joked first about myself, so that I could beat my fears of inadequacy to the chase. I understand you well here, and I know the personal joy that comes from making others see the beauty in laughter…it brings us closer, it leaves us lighter and lovelier.
    You do what many others can not..and that’s okay:
    You dance the laughter on the floor of darkness..and leave ’em with lovely light.
    Thanks for being just who you are..thank you

  20. It’s too bad that you didn’t get to go further on DWTW, Margaret, I thought you were coming along, and you were getting a little more confident, and showing a good personality, too! You were really brave, you were SO out of your element, and you were so scared, I was pulling for you to stay at least another week or two, because you WERE improving! I didn’t get to stay around for the final cut, so I didn’t see who it was, and had to ask a g/f the next day, and she said it was you. I asked her if you were upset, and she said yes, and I felt really bad. But I know a lot of us were pulling for you, us of a “certain demographic!”… Anyway, enjoy all the good wishes which I’m SURE you are getting! <3 <3

  21. Margaret,

    You were wondeful!. It was great to see you having such a great time! And WoW! What great legs you have, super-doll!

    Not sure we care about the rest of DWTS now that you’re off tho’. Seems much less interestingThundering Word

  22. Margaret, You and Louis were the greatest team on DWTS yet. Great Chemistry Fun, Happiness, Joy,Talent and Inspiration! So,…. Thanks for the Memories. I’ll miss watching you two!

  23. Margaret,
    Thanks so much for your wonderful gay samba. I LOVED IT!!! I wish you were continuing on with DWTS. I never watched the show till you were cast to appear on it. You were terrific and I really enjoyed seeing your enthusiasm while you danced. You looked so beautiful in that Rainbow dress…SEXY!!!
    Thanks for always standing by the gay community. You are an inspiration!

  24. Thank you, Margaret!! You were lovely and funny and so profoundly kind. You helped so many people with your message and your hard work. We love you! Tell Louis we love him, too!!!

  25. Margaret – DWTS is totally boring without you – Linda and I SO miss you and SO regret your terrific (and VERY serious) efforts were less than acclaimed by the judges — but WE applaud you and MISS you!!! You ROCK!!!


  26. I’ll have to try to find a way to see that.

    I understand the getting in motion and staying in motion thing. A few years ago, I was injured so badly that I couldn’t walk for a while. It’s been a long, slow recovery, but now I ride horses and practice Kyokushin karate. I find it HARD to not keep moving!

    Now my knee is messed up, and I have a hard time holding myself back long enough to heal. Bleh! But I feel so much better, so much more centered and balanced, when I can do these things. They are both, in their own way, a form of dance…

  27. Margaret! Your comic routines to liven up the DWTS were stale and misguided, and then the dance floor beat your ass up with flair and passion. Then you cried like a baby.

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