One thought on “Margaret on The View!

  1. Margaret, I really hope you have learned to accept ALL people if you want all people to accept you. The cutting remark you made about Sarah Palin “I think she is the worst think that has ever happened to this country since 9/11” is so totally sickening to me..that I was appalled and outraged. Just because you don’t agree with someone’s agenda, does not mean you BULLY them, cyber or not. WORDS hurt. Here, you want us to give you the love, the support and compassion of being gay/bi and whatever, but you have the harshest words for people. How did it feel to be on DWTS with Bristol? I wonder how she felt – knowing you attacked her mother?

    Think about your words, my friend, and use them wisely. We all want love and acceptance in this world, and being cruel just because we don’t agree with someone is not nice at all. Just like so many gays have gone through?

    Think about it.

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