Review of the Cho Dependent Tour – Anaheim

Margaret Cho at the Grove of Anaheim Last Night
by Ali Lerman
OC Weekly

The Hype: Gays and straights packed the house and laughed in perfect harmony last night at Margaret Cho’s “Cho Dependent” comedy show at the Grove of Anaheim. For a Thursday “school night” the size of the crowd was pretty impressive. Then again, this is fast talking dirty girl Margaret Cho we’re talking about. And last time I checked, she’s pretty impressive herself (If you missed the show, you can always catch Margaret on TV: she’ in this season’s Dancing with the Stars and Drop Dead Diva.)

The Show: Opening the show was tour mate John Roberts and his array of wigs that all came complete with impressions. And the way he moved those hips while singing a song of his own? Well, he makes a straight girl wish she was a gay man.

Speaking of … The audience was hooting and hollering for the 41-year-old headliner Margaret Cho as she admitted she has a goal of her own. The goal is to keep having sex. Spoken as only Margaret could put it, “I want to be so old that when I’m fucking and I ask my name it’s because I really need to know my name!” I guess everyone needs a goal. ‘

With a sharp tongue and amazing stage presence, Margaret touched on subjects like politics, strip clubs, religion, and actually shitting her pants a couple of weeks ago. Hey, no one said she was lady like–but maybe that’s what draws you in to her. It was like having a conversation with Margaret Cho; I literally became “Cho Dependent” on her every word and couldn’t wait to hear what she would say next.

Showcasing music from her album also named Cho Dependent, Margaret belted out tunes like the hysterical “My Dick,” “I’m Sorry,” and a duet with John Roberts (done while impersonating their moms) called, “My Puss.”

Laughing tears came out of my eyes, it was so great. Not wanting to only shock the crowd with filthy songs and jokes, Cho’s Dancing with the Stars partner Louis van Amstel surprised and then dazzled the crowd while spinning across the floor with prop wings from DWTS, which the judges hated by the way. But not this crowd. They loved every minute of it. I

The Crowd: A lot of laughs mixed with the sounds of clapping along to parody singing. While the show was two hours in length, the crowd remained responsive and eager to hear the next bit of raunch to come out of Margaret’s mouth the whole time.

Overheard: “I can’t wait to check out that ‘Grinder’ app she was talking about for my phone!” Sorry folks, you just had to be there.

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