The Waltz

It’s the morning after and I am ready to go back in for the results show of Dancing with the Stars. I am very happy with the way that Louis and I danced last night. I thought we did great and the wings looked amazing. All I heard the judges saying was that I was a good dancer! That was so incredible to me that I didn’t really hear anything else. We did get low scores, which is too bad – but I truly gave it all that I had – so I have no regrets about what we did. It takes quite a lot of skill to move those wings around, and I’ve never worked so hard to learn something. Hopefully votes will keep us on the show!!

The energy at the taping last night was intense. Everyone was on edge and nervous. I didn’t get really nervous until right before, and I broke one of the sticks on my wings and I came screaming out of my trailer waving a broken wing!! It got fixed and I calmed down somewhat but inside I was still freaking out. Then when we started the show – first I fell down the stairs – awesome and somewhat unconsciously planned because before the taping the producers warned us that we could fall down the stairs and I turned to Louis and said “I am gonna fall down those stairs on purpose” and then promptly forgot that I told him, but my body remembered and I fell.

When we started dancing, I was full on crying because it felt great. I was feeling the waltz and it was beautiful and classy and the wings were flying and it all felt right. I want to dance again and again!! I thought everyone was really beautiful and it was cool so see what people have been working so hard on. My favorite was Kyle!! He’s got some killer moves!

15 thoughts on “The Waltz

  1. You were a fabulous golden rare butterfly that deserved a perfect 10 from all the judges. Your comic timing was perfect and the only thing that they got right was that you were a beautiful and good dancer.

    You are an inspiration to all young Asians – gay and straight and I wish you get to sing one of your songs from Cho Dependent on national tv and hope you make it all the way and show your TRUE COLORS.

    Millions of the gays are supporting every step , every inch of your fulfillment as a Goddess butterfly.

    Love you tons

  2. All 12 of my votes on went to you!
    And seconded, the judges need a sense of humor.
    Hope to see you stick around, you’re the only reason i’m watching!

  3. I loved the first part of your waltz and I just wish Louis had encouraged you to hold the humor b/c I wanted to see the whole dance without the comic stuff. Your form was magnificent! I know that you’ve studied with Suhaila Salimpor and the eye of the belly dancing community is upon you. You are beautiful. You are funny. And it’s very obvious that you CAN dance!!! I sincerely hope that you continue on to the next round….and….might I add…..I love Louis.

  4. YOU TOTALLY ROCKED and I think you got COMPLETELY ROBBED because you were a great dancer! There was no way you should have gotten the same score at mr. pigeon-toed abs. I’ve never enjoyed anything more on dwts than your dance last night (and I’ve watched every season). The wings were awesome and I though you had a fabulous priscilla queen of the desert moment.

    Your parents are the cutest ever and they looked very happy! Though if your mom is like my mom, she would’ve said, \why you have to ruin by being funny…AGAIN?!\

    Long Live CHO!!

  5. Not really a big DWTS fan, although I’ve watched some episodes here and there. Tuned in to watch you, Margaret, and was sadly a little disappointed. You were beautiful, graceful, skilled, and funny, but rather than going with what I felt was a 60/40 dance/humor split, I would have preferred a 90/10. Don’t piss off the judges and alienate mainstream America before all your fans get a chance to enjoy your skill progression on the show!

  6. You did a great job, but I think that you and louis brought the humor too early, and in a v. waltz… not that good idea… =/

    Week one is to shock or try to be perfect, better if this last option, specially if you got standard ballroom instead of latin.

    Obviously you can dance. Hope you stay on copetition =] liked your sense of humor.

    good luck! =]

    hugs from Brazil

  7. Margaret, you were great last night. Those judges have issues. We go through it every year. Hopefully, you’ll make it tonight. And then afterward, play it by the book. There was no way you should have gotten 5s but they like slapping people on the wrist for being different. Toe the line for a while then, once you know where you stand with the audience vote, you can dance your own steps. 😉

  8. You’re beautiful and graceful and watching you dance made me all teary eyed! I thought the wings were super classy and lovely as well. Looking forward to watching you dance again! xo

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