On The Road To Vegas

Headed out to Las Vegas with one of my favorite guys John Roberts for my show at The Palms, and meeting Louis there for rehearsal. I really enjoy the touring and rehearsing better than dancing in LA. In LA there are paparazzi standing outside the dance studio – and they aren’t waiting for me exactly – they clearly are stalking Bristol Palin, but Louis and I get caught in the crossfire.

You have to give them something to go on. I feel so bad for them just waiting in the alley all day. They asked how rehearsal was going and I told them that we didn’t rehearse because Louis and I were fucking the whole time and he had gotten me pregnant yet again! Hoping this will end up in the tabloids. Press has been particularly nasty about my dancing ability. I said I was going to win because I am so hungry that I am actually going to eat all the other contestants and therefore win by default. Cannibalizing the stars!

3 thoughts on “On The Road To Vegas

  1. Hi Margaret, my name is Mary … “and I’m here to waaaawsh your vagina”… hahaha, LMFAO!!!! 🙂 I caught 2 of your comedy specials (2003, 2009) back to back labor day weekend and, OMG, i almost died laughing!!! i love you and everything you stand for. You are my new “celebrity crush”… 😉
    I’m Canadian so I can’t vote for DWTS, but I will be watching you and sending you positive energy… let’s de-Palinize the dance floor as fast as we can, shall we!! I would love for you to win! You deserve it! I’ll be following you on Twitter! Love ya 🙂

  2. U make me laugh so hard and who the hell is bristol palin anyway??? At least she can see russia from he. r house!!! What a tard!!! Lmao. Can’t wait to see u in denver!!!

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