I Love This Dog

I love this dog:

I am using this dog as my inspiration for Dancing with the Stars. I think that if I can do just as well as this dog does in this very intricate dance I will win the competition.

What I love about it is that we don’t think that the dog can do it, and that’s what people are saying about me. They don’t expect anything from me – except to be what I am – a comedian. They don’t know I can dance merengue (actually, I can’t yet – but I will!).

The best thing about this adorable dancing dog is that she really looks like she is enjoying, and anticipating every new movement with a big dog smile and a waiting paw. Her head and muzzle are placed so she can appreciate her partner and watch him dance along with her. There is so much genius and inspiration here and a good lesson for any dancer. Part of the dance is the steps and physical prowess, but another part is how you can be in the moment and enjoy what is happening and revel in the connection to another person. This dog is teaching me so much. Give dog credit where dog credit is due.

6 thoughts on “I Love This Dog

  1. Guurrl I believe in you! I dont watch that show but when I saw you were gonna be on it I told my girl, “Daaaaaaaaaammmmn you know we gotta watch Dancing now!!”

    I have front row center seats for Denver and just got them in the mail yesterday!!! My partner and I are sooo excited!!! woot woot!! love you!!

  2. seriously! it looks like the guy learned the meringue just for the dog, like the dog had been begging him for weeks to learn the damn thing so she could have a partner. she really doesn’t seem bummed about the frilly outfit either.

  3. Who couldn’t love that dog! You don’t have to ask her, gurl, cuz’ she is GIVING IT to you!

    I am so thrilled to hear that you are immersing yourself in the dances and experience. It will be a beautiful, courageous adventure…!

  4. Dance like you’re in your own home…
    Don’t give up!! You’ll learn fast, cause asians learn fast!
    Dance as if you own the entire floor and you’re surrounded by many flowers… With a bright big smile~
    And in no time, you’ll realize you’re dancing like a ballerina swan…. ;P Good Luck and have lots of FUN!!!!

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