Everything à la Mode

I have open, weeping sores on my feet, but I am getting it. Slowly the dancing is creeping into my body. It’s not easy, but I am feeling better and less sore than I was. Last week was incredible. I couldn’t even move my legs. it was straight from rehearsal to bed and back and forth. My muscles were so sore they would radiate heat that forced me to kick the covers off the bed. It is not as bad as it was. I am also really starting to love the process. Even though I had a day off of dancing yesterday, I spent the whole time texting Louis. We are dancing when we are not even dancing. It’s super fun.

So far I have only seen Jennifer and Derek and Rick and Cheryl at rehearsals. Derek was totally eating the same Freshology meals that I have been eating! It’s weird how they just appear at your door – it’s like the protein and vegetable fairy. I have to say I have been supplementing my meals with red wine and Ben & Jerry’s. It just tastes better that way! I have lot of strings in my teeth from the vegetables. The food is delicious especially when it has ice cream on it. I will have everything a’la mode. I feel lucky because I don’t have to lose weight – I get to eat more! Yay!

I wonder where everyone else is. I am making the rehearsal studio my second home. There is all kinds of my food and drinks in the refrigerator. I have sat on that toilet so many times. Its got my DNA all over it. My body is changing really fast too, because of all the activity. Normally I am really sedentary and still – so everything is in shock. Louis’ choreography is really pushing me. I spent Sunday trying to enjoy what it feels like being on one leg instead of two. I wish I had more legs. This would be a good time if I only had three legs. I would be more stable and have my weight spread out more. 8 legs would be good too. Like real octopus/little mermaid style.

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  1. TEAM CHO VAN AMSTEL!! Gurl, you gonna BRING it! I am sooo ridiculously proud of you. Muscle soreness is no picnic, but it sounds like you’ve found a way to take it all in stride.

    So inspiring…! I can’t wait to see you fly.

  2. I’ll be glued to ABC Monday night with a box of See’s candy & my phone, ready to text in my votes for Team Cho Van Amstel!

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