Margaret’s on Dancing With the Stars!

I’m so excited to be doing Dancing With The Stars, but I’ve got a lot to learn. I’ve got some mean stripper moves and I can pick up a dollar with my butt, however the Viennese Waltz is all new for me! I’ve been training with my partner for three days now and I can’t believe how much my body hurts! I’m trying to embrace the pain.

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  1. DAMN girl, looks like you’ve been workin on your fitness! Very hot. One thing dancing seems to do is help perfect a great body. Looking forward to seeing you on DWTS!! xo

  2. You’re going to be the *best*!!! Enjoy what your already fab bod learns with each new dance. We’re all cheering for you as you inject wit, true beauty and intelligence into that show! 🙂

  3. i am so freekin excited!!!!!! you are gonna be the best ever, especially w/ your rad assed belly dance moves!!!!!!!!

    i love you

  4. How are you going to do Dancing with the Stars and fly around the country to do your tour all at the same time? I’ve got tix for the Wiltern show in December – its here in LA so I figure there’s no prob making that date unless Dancing with the Stars airs that night?!? But the rest of your tour is all over the country! How can you do both? I’m seriously impressed if you can pull this off.

  5. dwts? for real?! giiiiirl, i am SO excited! speaking for all the rest of us slopeheads-do us proud, work that dance floor like chopsticks in a bowl of lo mein!

  6. um, so i’ve never watched an episode of dancing with the stars until now! so happy you are going to be on dwts! yay! i totally heart you margaret cho!! 🙂

  7. I am so stoked that *you* are doing Dancing With The Stars! You are the only contestant this season that I am interested in!!! & besides your footgear at the announce was the _s**t_ – above & beyond anything anyone else was wearing, no doubt about it…rock on with love from another member of Team Margaret xox from SF

  8. I havent watched DWTS in so many seasons but with M-Cho in the house! All of PDX will be watching and voting for you ma! LOVED Your show in Portland a few days ago! YOU ROCK AND CONGRATS & GOOD LUCK!

  9. Finally a hot woman on “Dancing with the Stars” And an actual star! Make sure you show lots of cleav so Bruno raves about your boobs.

  10. My daughter and I will be watching and voting for you every week. As God as my witness we will never never never let you get voted off before Bristol Palin!!!

  11. You got Louis as your partner? Fabulous. He’s FEARLESS in ballroom dance and willing to incorporate any dance into his routines. So I expect to see some hip drops when you do your Cha-Cha. Good luck!

  12. Please cut Bristol…I dont understand why that bitch is even on that show. What is she a star off…other than getting knocked up during her mothers “campaign”. I hope you kick her butt all the way back to Alaska. You go girl…I LOVE YOU!

  13. For years you have been trashing ABC on how they treated you, how you were scarred by the experience, blah, blah, blah. Now you are going to appear on the biggest show of that network. Boy, you are a hypocrat! They must be paying big bucks or you’re that desperate to compromise on principle and get in bed with the devil again. You profess to be anti-establishment but quite frankly, you are establishment. Shame on you!

  14. yellow power all the way.. hahhaa.. seriously though .. i love you and the person you are.. you are hilarious.. and your an amazingly powerful and beautiful person.. and so real.. GO MARGARET UNNI!!!!!!!

  15. Remember what you learned from AAG (All American GURL)? never stop being who you are. You can improve and be the BEST you, but you have to BE YOU and not someone who everyone else wants you to be so that they can stay comfy. You can win EVERYONE over with laughs. That’s your power and your strength—– DANCE WITH EVERY FUNNY BONE IN YOUR BODY, never give up your comedy. It will make you win. You know in the crucible of your soul, that if you make them laugh SOOOO hard, they can’t judge you. Laughter = consciousness. This is not about taking risk and bombing or surviving by playing it safe— Margaret, this is about one thing and one thing only: making people laugh.

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  27. You were ROBBED on DWTS. I was surprised how well you danced… literally circles around B. Palin, and way more entertaining.

    While I’m sure it’s painful to be “voted off,” you are always a sinner… er, WINNER to me.

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