Another Brick in The Wall

I am disgusted by Roger Waters act of defacing what really should be a national monument – Elliott Smith’s memorial wall on Sunset Blvd. His advertisers, trying to get hipsters to see him tour “The Wall” yet fucking AGAIN have put graffiti all over the beloved Silverlake monument. I am not a Pink Floyd hater. I loved “The Wall” – and when the movie came out, it totally changed my life. I decided that my life would be like the groupie Jenny Wright played – all spandex and denim vest and laminates without a bra. That was me – that is me. I don’t have anything against Roger Waters personally, but this is so shitty!

If you live in LA, are a Largo regular, love indie rock and live east of Robertson, then to you, Elliott Smith is like family. It’s like someone defaced our family crypt. I am so disappointed. I am so sick about it. And all of us, the broken-hearted Elliott Smith fans who still miss him so badly, who won’t see him at Sasquach or Bonnaroo or Largo with Jon Brion ever again, who won’t get to hear a new song or a new album from him ever ever ever again because he is gone gone gone from this world forever and the only thing keeping him alive is our love for him – our grateful, undying, everchanging, ever-evolving – ever strong devotion and love for him – for us – that wall – that wall was all we had. We have the records, we have the songs all on heavy rotation, I have a rare burned-by-Elliott-Smith-himself CD of all the songs off “From a Basement on the Hill,” beautifully raw and yet unmixed and unmastered – it’s my prized possession. And once, we had a monument, where we could go and say hello and goodbye and I love you and I’m sorry.

And now we don’t. Because of corporate greed and total ignorance – this idea that there are ‘hipster’ locations that you can co-opt for yourself. Well you can’t. Fuck Roger Waters. You have become another brick in the wall.

10 thoughts on “Another Brick in The Wall

  1. Mz. Cho tellin’ it like it T I Is ! I love when you take the First Amendment and just start spraying!!!!! If you do that in Ohio (where I live, ugh) you can get arrested (which I have). Keep on Keepin’ On!!!

  2. I have never seen the memorial myself up close. It is one of my many yets to come. And when I do it would be more appreciated at it’s original condition.

    I could always call it art, piss people off, and encourage more of the same. Only to attract attention to it, and what to do about it…

    Roger Waters, if he truly fucking cared would say something to his fans and clean it up. I don’t think it’s enough to let it befall on any other.

  3. You GO Margaret!

    You’re much kinder to an old rock and roll dinosaur that I would have been. I just want to go to his house and stencil D I A F on it!

  4. Fuck you you dirty gook bitch. I wannna cum between those fine titties of yours. Fucking slut. Just go look at yourself in the mirror. YOu’re a disgusting piece of gutter trash.

  5. Margaret,
    Maybe I’m missing the point of the controversy. Not sure I’m following this here. Someone is doing a version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and Roger Waters defaced their prop? Is that correct?

    Why shouldn’t the original artist who conceived the lyrics, music, mood, concept, etc. have the right to call out (albeit crudely) that a peripheral wannabe is milking money/fame off an idea which the (quote-unquote victim/)independent artist didn’t produce on his own?

    If some obscure performance artist stole your material, would you be magnanimous about it, or would you blood curdle and fire come out of your eyes? Just sayin’.

  6. To Steve: No that is no even close to correct, people are defacing Elliot Smith’s memorial wall, not a prop. Elliot Smith was a musician who died. The wall in question is A MEMORIAL TO HIM, and is not the property of Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, yet he, Roger Waters, allowed his advertisers to put graffiti on this said memorial wall. Hope that clears it up.

    To Margaret: Love you! Keep on fighting the good fight!!

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