Reviews of Drop Dead Diva

“8 out of 10 score”
“absolutely… worth adding to the playlist”
“Juggling snark, schmaltz and adorable wackiness, Diva has a yummy high concept to die for.”
“Elliott is a delight playing two souls trapped in one body that’s uncomfortable in its skin, and it’s a hoot as Jane’s inner Deb learns to love having a brain, even at the expense of her fashion sense.”
–TV Guide, Matt Roush, July 13

“3 out of 4 stars”
“Enjoy a fantastical series with a smart twist.”
“Verdict: a lively delight.”
–US Weekly, John Griffiths, July 20

“Heaven Can Wait meets Ugly Betty in this unbelievably uplifting, hilariously entertaining and socially important new series.”
“…the must-see series of the summer.”
— National Enquirer, Len Feldman, July 6

“4 out of 5 stars.”
“At last, a funny and insightful series about the battle – and balance – between beauty and brains. With Rosie O’Donnell and Margaret Cho around, it’s a trip!”
–In Touch, July 13

“3 out of 4 stars.”
“Wannabe model Deb freaks when she finds her mind trapped in the body of a plus-size lawyer Jane (Brooke Elliott) after a fatal car crash. But she soon discovers their lives are more connected than she could have ever imagined in this silly but totally cute new series.”
–Life & Style, Karen Aanonsen, July 13

“3 ½ out of 4 stars.
“It sounds kooky, but there’s enough heart and humor to make it work, not to mention a winning performance by Elliott as both the attorney and the ditz who inhabits her body. Look for Margaret Cho as the lawyer’s wise-cracking assistant, a role she was born to play.”
Star Magazine, Marshall Fine, July 13

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