Unzipped Cover with Ricky Sinz


Margaret Cho is not only the first mainstream celebrity to grace the cover of Unzipped magazine, she’s the first woman ever to appear on the face of an Unzipped Media publication. In addition, Raging Stallion Studios exclusive Ricky Sinz celebrates his first Unzipped magazine cover. The dirty duo was photographed for the August 2009 issue of Unzipped magazine by noted celebrity and fashion photographer Trevor O’Shana.

“Margaret Cho transcends sexual stereotypes. The energy and sex appeal Margaret and Ricky bring to the article is amazing. The photos are electric, and we’re thrilled to have two iconic sexual adventurers on the cover of our ‘Hot Issue,’” said Dustin Tyner, Group Publisher for Unzipped Media.

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  1. Ok, I receive my latest Unzipped mag w/ non other than Margaret Cho and Ricky Sinz on the cover. Wow! To have a main stream actor/comedienne cross over and pose 4 this gay magazine is a first and very very cool! Joey

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