Silent but Violent

I saw this interview that Billy Bob Thornton gave for this Canadian radio show to promote his band’s new album and he was such a completely scary dad style angry man!!!

I actually love Billy Bob too. I think he’s an awesome actor and director and I preferred when Angelina was with him. He’s totally hot and sexy! Also, Leslie Jordan says he has a giant cock, which I’m sure is true because Leslie knows him from a long time ago and that bitch wouldn’t lie about that. But the interview was totally freaky because Billy Bob got mad at the interviewer or something and wouldn’t talk. It was really scary and reminded me of when my dad would get super mad at me when I was a teenager. My dad was the kind of dad that would yell at my friends. Like, “Dad!!! Don’t yell at her!!! She’s white!” Anyway, before he would start hollering he would give us the silent treatment which was worse than yelling because you didn’t know what he was going to do. That’s what the interview reminded me of, and the band seemed to be sweating the most! They were like nervous kids just wishing that their dad would start yelling in order to break the tension.

I understand that Billy Bob was sensitive about being considered a musician, rather than an actor, because I play music too, but he’s a great actor and director, and people are just trying to congratulate him because he can do all those things so well. But he is the best at making people uncomfortable!!! Maybe that’s what happens when you are a genius with a giant cock. Watch this and get a total stomachache.

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33 thoughts on “Silent but Violent

  1. Come on…I guess he is what he has: A BIG DICK…giant cock or not, that was rude. The host kept his cool and was totally professional….I would have told Billy Bob to FUCK OFF!

  2. Ok, I’ve always loved Billy Bob. He IS an amazing actor and director. And I also know how you have to fight to be taken seriously when you’re trying to focus on something new. Still I was kinda scared and uncomfortable watching that interview. But I just kept thinking of his big cock and it was all good. Big dick trumps all in my book . . .

  3. He didn’t look intimidating to me at all — just looked like he was on drugs/high.

    and just had a stroke.

    Very douchey of him to act like such an ass infront of his band.

  4. Margaret, you have to remember that the host was in his own band Moxie Fruous and made such a great success that he went into TV and f**k’d that up so bad on the CBC no less that he went into radio. Kind of like the ” those that can’t do , teach. Those that can’t teaach , teach gym” But Billy Bob was just playing it cool, in a world that he alone inhabits. BB coming to Montreal tomorrow and now I’m curious to go see them.

  5. I think Billy was just tired, it was 6am in the morning…
    anyway, I still love him and his big cock…
    thanks for sahring

  6. I apologize for jacking your site.
    since I’ve been a fan since all american girl I felt you had to see this. If this doesn’t give you a years worth of material I don’t know how you’ll ever surpass “MOOOOOLAAN”
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  7. Hmm,

    My grandma likes to treat close friends of mine like they are her grand-kids from the child she didn’t have. So I can kind of understand it when you talk about how your dad used to yell at your friends.
    I mean yelling wasn’t her style but she would regularly dole out her advice and passive aggressive BS, we laugh about it now. I was horrified then!

    LOL! I love his answers!

    Interviewer: “But you didn’t love music as a kid?”
    Billy Bob Thornton: “I subscribed to a magazine called uh Famous Monsters of Filmland which the publisher was a guy named Forrest J Ackerman that passed away recently”

    Ya! definitely SCARY! I was expecting him to freak out any moment.
    I think the interviewer handled it pretty well.

    Being a Canadian, we have PLENTY of gravy in our mashed potatoes. LOL

  8. dude, billy bob blew that shit. Or, (and I love me some hollywood conspiracy) he and Joaquin phoenix are a part of some action to take the media apart from the inside, Actors uniting to take back the streets and such

  9. Billy Bob is a douche bag, anyone who lives in Canada knows that Jian Ghomeshi (the interviewer)
    is a well respected and well liked broadcaster and who is well versed in the arts and music scene. Sometimes people just don’t deserve the attention they get. Bob your a DOUCHE!

  10. Billy Bob thinks he is a genius; I pity the fool.

    What’s more, I figure that he – and Angelina for that matter – were pretty fucking ordinary. Brad Pitt isn’t actually much of a departure for the lass.

    People get sucked in by rude fuckers all the time. Credit to the rude/ weird arsehole for convincing all the fuckwits out there that they’re a genius with a big cock.

  11. I give props to the host for keeping his professionalism and cool. I would have been super temped to just flat out ask if the man was on drugst, although I might be fearful for a violent reaction to that question when simply referencing his career got that response.

    I understand why someone might want to led the conversation for their interview (in this case on his music career) but he needs to understand that a good journalist (radio host) must let the audience know what is going on. If he completely didn’t address the fact that he was talking to THE Billy Bob Thornton, the audience wouldn’t know. It’s radio, a little background must be given to keep everyone on the same page.

    And how could you not know how long your band has been together? Talk about just wanting to start some shit, I would want to know what else happened that day to get his panties in a bunch.

  12. Billy Bob = Total douchbag

    What a primadonna, and he wants to pretend like he’s getting attention soley based on the merits of his music! Oh yeah Billy Bob, it has NOTHING to do with your fame and attention in film. What a tool!

  13. This is “Party All The Time”.

    I don’t know why A- list actors always feel that they need to venture out into song, really. And my new pet celebrity peeve is actors who want to be taken seriously as musicians, using their star power to push mediocrity on to the public airwaves (I’m looking at you, 30 Seconds To Mars). It used to be partygirls that couldn’t get out of a Hummer limo without flashing their haggard vaginas at us, but now it’s actors that engineer serious music careers from pure cash and name power.

    I’m not talking about the Bacon Brothers here, or Bruce Willis, or Jaoquin (who I am convinced is Spinal Tapping us), I’m talking about these folks who spring up every once and a while and weird us out with their half-hearted attempts at ACTING like music geniuses. They insist on this career reboot, like nobody is going to know who Billy Bob Thornton is. Jesus! Yeah buddy, we’re tuning in because we need to hear another country band, it’s all your music talent, not your name.

    It’s empty, the one thing music can’t be. Serious actors who have already made it have no incentive to get good for starters, and some things you just can’t mimic, no matter how method you get.

    That whole interview came off like Jian killed Thornton’s buzz. As if he wasn’t playing along with the roleplay, and he ruined the whole fantasy. The other Boxmasters looked as uneasy as mail-order brides at an awkward family gathering.

    A lot of us here know actual musicians, and what it takes to “make it” as a musician. It’s a lot of not eating, and sleeping on couches in stripper’s apartments, and not having enough money for shampoo. The real musicians get good because they are desperate to get on stage and make a living. They are hungry and thirsty, and they have given up a real life to play… whatever. They put in their 10,000 hours and are good.

    If you’ve got an entourage of guys saying you’re awesome while you sit in the studio you had built in your guest-house on your “estate”, you have no incentive to improve.

    I love Billy Bob the actor, I couldn’t give half a deuce about Billy Bob the country singer.

    To Billy Bob, until you do something NEW with your “music”, nobody will care. And nobody gives half an ass about a list of demands you submitted to a producer. Inside-baseball, again, Jill and Joe Public cares not. If you were serious about your music you would have moved on and steered the interview towards it, instead of focusing on how wronged you were by the interviewer bringing up that you were, in fact, you.

  14. Billy Bob just proved what a spoiled pompus ass hr really is. Oh well don’t worry the way he was dragging on that smoke he will soon just be a bad memory

  15. Hmm…
    I think that he’s on medication and it’s 6 o’clock in the freakin morning
    and the interviewer hacked him off.

    Another viral media miracle that the whole world knows about this interview….
    Can you sing the song about wearing Angie’s panties Billy Bob?
    Would anyone ask Tom Petty to play the song about wearing Angie’s panties?

  16. I seriously thought he had had a stroke or something…he acted a total fool. I think he forgets that if it weren’t for his film career no one would give two shits about him or his band because they’d be like so many other artists out there, just plugging away, doing their thing. His fame is the only thing that got them that interview. I was infuriated that guy doing the interview didn’t go off on him. Or tell him to GTFO, because honestly, he was acting like a spoiled brat. I feel bad for the other guys in the band.

  17. I think Billy Bob was ACTING… like a jerk. His band seemed really uncomfortable, they kept giving him the I don’t know who this motherfucker is look. Did anyone else notice that?

  18. haha billy bob reminds me of all the redneck guys here in my state (WY) they think they’re tough but they put on this exterior that makes people shudder. after watching the vid i pretty much told myself that there’s nothing scary about him except his manners. Billy take some xanax and call me in the morning.

  19. The band looked MORTIFIED at Billy Bob, especially when he opted out of performing at the end.

    Presenter: “Let’s hear the instrunmental version. You guys up for it?”
    Band member 1: “…..Sure”
    Band member 2: “…..Absolutely”

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