Prop 8 The Musical

This is a video I shot last week with some old friends. Jack Black was once a guest star on “All American Girl!” And Kathy Najimy was in “Bam Bam and Celeste” as well as “Two Sisters.” I love the song and the message. Enjoy!

21 thoughts on “Prop 8 The Musical

  1. That was AMAZING! =O Star-studded too! You looked absolutely amazing in the video! Have you ever been invited to the Tyra show? If not then it’s about time that you brightened my afterschool snack time!….Kathy’s been on twice I think but back on topic now. Have you been working out? You look really fit in that video not like “I starve myself so badly that I fall in everytime I have to pee”, but “I work very hard for my body and I want everyone and their mama to see it”. I have to say if I wasn’t so hooked on mexicans and pacific-islanders I would totally be all for asains (but they’re all amazing to look at).

  2. This was featured on CBC radio one today. Thought I’d share that it was broadcast throughout (at least) Ontario today, for everyone to hear. I’m so glad you posted it to your blog as well, or I would have forgotten to look up the video!! It was SO fantastic, so many of my favourite entertainers!

  3. It’s so cool when people use their power for good – and make people laugh while doing so. Politicians should be required to have been comedians of some kind before being allowed to run.

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