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  1. Hmmm babies are cute when i don’t have to take care of ’em. They’re so cute with the way that they just STARE at you because you’re not white and that’s all they’ve ever seen (white babies) so cute!

    On a sidenote, season one of The Cho Show was TOO SHORT(and not the rapper) you should try being a camp councelor at a summer camp or something! You know helping girls with their self esteem. Speaking of which, I told this one girl she looked nice without any makeup on and she said “No I don’t!”….how very sad.

  2. I’m really happy Obama won because I support his stance on many of the major issues. However, he is against gay marriage. I don’t think having him in the white house will not help this particular issue. That saddens me and almost negates the joy I feel from his win.

  3. http://www.californiansagainsthate.com/dishonorRoll.html

    Do bear in mind that the site is connecting some of the donors to companies they work at, but the companies themselves do not all support it. I know for a fact that Nvidia itself didn’t donate to prop 8 for example, it was just one executive of many. However there are also donors like the owners/founders of Franklin-Templeton. I think that FT should be boycotted, and Nvidia should not. So be sure, before boycotting something, that it was the company or the person who runs the whole thing, not just an individual who works there.

  4. My take on this is… So, California wants gay people to marry straight people and let them be unhappy, and have a higher divorce rate and lots of children of broken homes? What better way to solve this problem than to Let Gay People Marry Each Other! My advertising campaign would be something like that. “Segregate to Homosexuals! Force them to marry each other!”

    I dunno, still sounds like losing to me. There’s just too much hate and ignorance in this world.

  5. I am not gay, nor am I American, but that did not mean I was not incredibly invested in the results of this vote.
    I cried when I learned that proposition 8 had passed. My disappointment was tangible, and I simply could not understand how such a thing had come to be. I do not understand why anyone would wish to deny someone else the right to wed.
    Later in the week, a friend directed me to this link:
    What this man says gives me hope. Yes, proposition 8 was an incredible let down, but, after reading that article, I no longer feel like it was entirely a loss. Look how much has changed in 8 years.

  6. Margaret, in times like these there are always those who stand up for the freedom of their own people… and then stand for the removal of the freedoms of others. Standing together seems an alien thing to them. They cannot see the hypocrisy of this.

    Those who stood for the rights for blacks were called “nigger-lovers”. Those who stand for gays are called fags themselves. There are many nasty names given to these people, but I have a name I want to give them too.

    I wanna call them A MUTHA-FUCKIN’ AMERICAN!!! Because, after all, wasn’t the idea of America designed with things like UNITED WE STAND, and E PLURIBUS UNUM in mind? What happened to “I might not agree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it” anyway?

    Margaret, you are a mutha-fuckin’ American… the highest and most beautiful kind. SALUTE!!! I can’t wait for the day when YOU are able to stand with a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner behind you on this.

  7. That blog had me rolling. Thanks.

    Andrew, in regards to gay marriage that was a purely political move. Obama says he’s for pretty much all gay rights (hospital visitation rights, joint property ownership, etc.) except for marriage. He’s not going to lose the gay people vote by saying this, but he’d probably lose a lot of votes if he said he was for gay marriage. It makes me sad, but one kind of has to be a political animal to make it to the White House. Obama is much less of one, sure, but he still is one.

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