The Cho Show: Season Finale tonight!

Hey Cho Fans,

The final two episodes of “The Cho Show” air tonight at 11/10c and 11:30/10:30c on Vh1. You can grab extras, previous episodes and behind-the-scenes interviews here! (If you’re in Canada, go here for clips and full listings).

Margaret’s “Beautiful” tour hits Tampa and Jacksonville this weekend!

See you on the road,

-The Cho Team

ps. You can support Bowling for Boobies and the Busted Foundation, by bidding on an exclusive ticket and aftershow meet and greet package with Margaret, for her show in Long Beach, CA on October 25th.

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  1. So I’m watching the show right now and earlier your song was playing…well it sounds great no offense to Tilas asian ass but you are 533577899642 better then her ass. Keep rockin on cause you kick ass. I’d wish to aploygize on the media for being so closed minded still to this day towards a minority family especially with the possiblity of a black president. Shhhit VH1 is making money I’m watching you and Canadians and Europeans still are waiting to see you. You’re my favorite Korean! And this is coming from a girl who works for Koreans! That’s allllllll I have to say. Rock on you hott mama! Big small old young. Doesn’t change who YOU are. Maybe your ego but fuckit when you FEEL good you LOOK good feeling it!

  2. The season finale all ready!?!? Nooo!!!! My Tivo is fucked up and I can never catch your show…..sobs.. But I agree with Laceregan, John Stapleton is pretty hot ^_^ Cant wait for your next season!

  3. You’re making it hard for me here Margaret. Trying to decide between your show at Radio City and my 20th High School reunion. I’m leaning your way;)

  4. Margaret, you are so empowering! I dvr’d both episodes and watched them this morning while getting ready for work, which was the best thing I could have done. I was dragging around feeling sorry for myself about my dead-end job and second-guessing my current job search (the economy! It’s collapsing! Stay with a sure thing!), but watching you do your thing was like swallowing a jumbo-sized Paxil.

    I don’t remember what scene flipped the switch in my head – it was probably just the sum total , but I feel so powerful and have the energy to keep looking for better work and keep going to school until I find something I love.

    Thanks, Margaret, I love your show! Please say there will be a second season!

  5. Dear Margaret,

    this is your biggest lil fag fan in Taiwan (which is not a province of china!!!). i wonder when if ever we’ll be able to watch your Show over here. i searched for your show all over the tubes and bit torrents (oops) and have found nary a thing except a sneak clip.

    please I NEED THE CHO SHOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!

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