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I am being accused of sexually objectifying Sarah Palin, and I did it because I think it is funny – mostly because she is anti-gay, and would like people like me to be sent to a camp where we can study the bible with other gays and lesbians and have electrodes placed on our privates until we are forced to become heterosexual – like her and um, Track. So I said I would like to do rude things to her, because frankly, I like pussy, and I am not giving it up anytime soon – no matter what the “Christians” have to say about it. Gay sex is monumentally more fun than straight sex. God made it that way, so we would stay gay! He wants us to persevere! Stay strong!! Gay sex is better than straight sex. Sorry, it just is – I should know – I have liberal amounts of both. And Sarah Palin is missing out.

However, I do feel the misogyny against Palin – you would have to be blind not to see it. The interview with Charlie Gibson was where I felt it most acutely. Gibson had such contempt for her – of course due to her inexperience and utter inability to answer any question properly and saying the word “nucular” – but I feel if she were a man, he wouldn’t have had as much hatred in his eyes. The last idiotic VP – Dan Quayle – was met with a certain amount of criticism, but it was nothing compared to what Palin has had to face, and will continue to face.

I am certainly not defending Palin – because make no mistake – she is the ultimate misogynist. She is a woman hater in the extreme. To force women to have children against their will, to deny abortion rights EVEN in cases of incest and rape is abominable. She is an insult to feminism, a sickening example what a woman will do to other women in order to please men and further her own career. Women do shit like that to other women to keep them down – to make their achievement seem more extraordinary – to keep women out of their way, so they can enjoy all the power and the men themselves, and that stuff makes them worse than sexist men. It is worse to be a traitor than a perpetrator. That she made rape victims pay for their own forensic exams shows that she believes that women somehow deserved to be raped – that it is our fault, just like unplanned pregnancy, just like being victimized by men – or women like her. She acts like all women are wearing a miniskirt and are asking for it. So fuck her.

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  1. Well said Margaret and I’m really glad you are standing up for what you wrote… the beauty of the first amendment. Keep on rockin’, girl!

  2. One positive way to show your objection to Sarah Palin (and the danger to women’s rights she represents) is to donate to Planned Parenthood in Sarah’s name. There’s a way to contribute in honor of someone ( Just put down Sarah Palin and have them send the “thank you” card to her at her DC office:

    444 North Capitol NW, Suite 336
    Washington, DC 20001-1512

    Thanks for speaking out, Margaret! People don’t realize the harm she would do to us!

  3. Oh, fuck the haters.

    The best part about the whole Sarah-Palin-has-a-vagina controversy is that the right is pretending to give a shit about it. As though they have EVER given a shit before. As if there isn’t hours of newsreel sitting in Jon Stewart’s basement just waiting to indict the GOP with the hypocritical notions they now spew in defense of Sarah Palin that they spewed when Hillary Clinton was the target.

    It pisses me off, though, that my head takes me to that anti-feminist place because I don’t want the first thing I think to be “oh my god she’s such a cunt.” But you know what? Sarah Palin fucking sucks. And words like cunt, or talking about fucking her, are powerful in our society. So fuck the haters and keep on keepin’ because truth is always funnier than the bullshit the right has created.

  4. Offering up Sarah Palin as their VP candidate is possibly the most cynical politcal move the Republican party has ever made. It’s as if they think anything with a vagina will win over the Hillary Democrats. Do they really think we’re that stupid? That we’ll somehow be blinded by the power of the pussy, and zombie-like, vote Republican?

    Honestly, I’m ashamed to be the same gender as this person. She’s going to drag us right back to the 19th century, and no amount of lipstick can cover that up.

  5. I guess I am blind because I thought the interview Charles Gibson did was fair. He let his impartiality fall around his ankles a bit, but that was more a result of utter frustration than from disgust at being in a room with a pair of horn-rimmed hooters. I would have been frustrated, too.

    The woman simply could not answer a question directly and he called her shit out when he said “I’m sorry, I just got lost in a blizzard of words.” On at least 3 different occasions he had to pin her down to an actual response by asking her the same question over and over. I think he, like me, was waiting for this person who is interviewing for the second highest position in our country to demonstrate that she had an ounce of understanding of any policy. I would have slapped the bitch if I was when in the room when she said “I can see Russia from here!”.

    She’s one small chromosome away from changing her name to Ocho Cinco and wearing a gold grill.

  6. Maybe Charlie wanted to do the same things to Sarah Palin that you want to do Margaret?
    He looks like he wants to spank her for being a stupid girl.
    OK by me.

    She is pretty terrifying.

    I think in general, she has been getting a free pass from the media.
    Yes, I agree, that there has been som misogyny, but nothing NOTHING to the degree that Hillary Clinton received.

  7. >>God made it that way, so we would stay gay! He wants us to persevere! Stay strong!! Gay sex is better than straight sex. Sorry, it just is – I should know – I have liberal amounts of both.

    I read a book by this dude C.A. Tripp called the Homosexual Matrix a while back. Anyways, he concluded that gay sex is awesome because in the end you have two (or more) people who know what it takes to get a guy (or girl) off because they are one. And in the end, a man knows what another man wants and a woman knows what another woman wants. He also said that gay sex is more creative because it hasn’t been shoved in our face with a “How To” guide, so we just be like doing all kinds of fun stuff while straight people have to first do it “THE WAY”. And that’s why gay guys are like the pioneers of kink and people follow and, lesbians know what women really want in terms of sexuality and sensuality.

    However, he also said that gay sex gets boring after awhile (with the same person, mind you) ’cause since you’ve been getting a guy off forever, it gets dull fast. And lesbians have that whole bed death thing so… yeah. Straight people have the curious “I just don’t get it?! let me do this one more time” thing whereas they can bang for years. Gay people have the fun “YEAAAH WHOO” rollercoaster type sex that eventually has to end eventually.

    And a guy who wrote a book said all of that, so it must be true. Or somewhat true…. it sounds nice so I’ll believe it!

  8. Yay Cho!

    First, gay sex is great and those gay-curious types oughta give it a whirl (just like I think every gay guy/gal should have a straight encounter – at least once).

    Second, would love to hear your thoughts about how right wingers have been and are increasingly throwing the word ‘liberal’ around as though it were something disgusting because honest to God, I don’t understand how a nation could be so duped into thinking that people (‘liberals”) are evil because we believe in fairness for all people, a balanced economy and peace throughout the world. Honestly… if you have some thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them. Are people really this stupid??

  9. Woo-hoo! I thought your post was funny. Sarah Palin is a nasty ole Uncle Tom–maybe even worse than that, because she actively seeks to oppress other women. I hope she goes to hell.

  10. I don’t see how your obvious (and obviously said in humor) objectification of Sara Palin is any worse that the backhanded way it is being done by the media that is being smiled upon by the GOP and Palin herself. Calling herself a lipstick-wearing pit bull is just a catchy way of saying “I’m a tough but sexy gal” and if her supporters take offense to you saying you’d like to eat her Alaskan pussy, they might write a letter cautioning her to stop flaunting the fact that she has one. *shrugs* I’d tap that ol’ ass too … and hard.

  11. I thought what you wrote was hilarious, I linked to your blog because of it. Though she has been subjected to some misogyny Sarah Palin is one of the most overexposed and vapid individuals on the national scene right now.

  12. I love you Margaret. A lot of people have made great points. It bothers me that she is being given a showcase of foreign affairs right now and being kept away from the media. There shouldn’t be secrecy like this when it comes to who we are going to potentially vote into office, they know she isn’t going to even understand reporter’s questions let alone be able to answer them. The McCain campaign is utterly disgusting, and I didn’t think he was that bad in the beginning at all. Together, they are worse than Bush, and I am honestly afraid of this unfunny joke ticket. McCain cares about himself and no one else…people like that, who won’t listen to the rest of us little guys, don’t deserve to be making decisions for us, because they don’t even apologize for not caring about our own opinions or life choices!

  13. margaret i love you! thank you so much for posting that and for being who you are! if it wasn’t for you and people like you i wouldn’t be here today. i’m honestly still ashamed of who i am and nobody knows this except me. my family and friends except me but i can’t except myself. i’m afraid of hell even though i’m an athiest. i’m afraid that this country will become a police state and lock me away and kill me for being bisexual. i know i shouldn’t feel this way but i do. if it wasn’t for you i don’t know where i would be. thankfuly i’m only 18 so let’s hope that someday i’ll learn to love myself!!!!!

    PS if there is a god SHE is either Black or Asian or anything but a white man!

  14. Margaret Cho, you are my hero.

    Even though I don’t live in the USA, its interesting to keep up to date with the political situation because I am applying for a soccer scholarship to a college in the USA in a few years.

    Anyway, what kind of fucking monster is against what she is herself? How would she feel if she was raped and had to pay for the forensic examination AND have the baby of a fucking crime-committer. I smell evil. If anyone is for her, they are stupid.

    The key to understanding all and bringing peace into the world (that sounds so corny 😛 ) is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to see how they feel! People these days are so ignorant and inconsiderate, ESPECIALLY POLITICIANS!

    Oh god, a lot of these political and social issues in the world make me so angry.

    The best way for her to learn about the issues she is addressing is for her to experience them, maybe not first hand, but at least talk to someone who has been in that fucking situation about what it’s like experience such horrific things i.e. rape.

    I’m so glad that there are people like you in the world, Margaret Cho, because without you, there would be nothing stopping the majority of politicians and general public from being homophobes and just horrible people in general. Keep up the good work, because without you, so many people all over the world would be ashamed of the way they are.


  15. The very notion that you’re being accused of sexual objectification and of sexism in general only goes to prove that the people accusing you of such haven’t the slightest idea what the words they’re typing actually mean.

    I suggest they start with a dictionary and try to refine their attacks – or better yet, realize they’re empty altogether and that they serve more to the amusement of those who read them than they make any real point.

  16. I don’t think abortion rights are going any where, no matter who’s in office.

    I wouldn’t get too lax on it, but even republican women want the right to abortion, even if they don’t admit it.

    Laura Bush spoke out in favor of it, and she represented republican women when she did so.

    On another note, it’s scary that McCain and Palin are on ANY ticket in this country.

    Neither of them are qualified to run this country.

    Even if Obama isn’t that experienced, Biden IS.

    AND Obama is SMART, so there’s MY choice.

  17. I love this post about Palin. Yes I agree she is getting a lot crap thrown her way due to the fact that she is a woman, but this aside, the issues are what is most important here and she clearly has no ability what-so-ever to handle these issues much less run an entire country. I agree she is the antithesis of feminism. 🙂

  18. I just can’t believe that the GOP was desperate enough to nominate Palin for VP. After all of that bullshit they gave Obama for being inexperienced, a woman who’s only been governor for 20 months is their VP candidate. Way to go, John McCain.

    And I love how the McCain-Palin ticket is throwing the word “change” around to mimic the Obama campaign. Awesome! Like that ticket is gonna bring about any good change. I would LOVE for my reproductive rights to be taken away as well as my hope that I’ll be attending my best friend’s wedding when he finds the right man. That would be stellar. While you’re at it… keep sending more troops to the Middle East and other countries that are “imminent threats!” My buddies in the Army could use a trip overseas.

    Margaret, I love that you are speaking out against Palin for her stance on important issues that affect the often ignored people of the United States. I totally agree that a lot of people are just judging her by her gender and not her stance on important issues. I think that’s sad… but at the end of the day, she’s just a desperate attempt for the GOP to gain votes. I really hope the American people see that in November.

  19. Wow, You totally just made my day, Margaret. This blog, is fucking amazing….keep ’em coming honey!

    Dallas, TX

  20. I just discovered your blog and am thrilled that you are just as witty, insightful and awesome in writing as you are on stage. You are amazing and I’m pretty sure we should be friends.

  21. Hey Margaret!

    You are totally the best. I just wanted to say that i love your song “I Cho Am a Woman” and i think you should put the lyrics up on your website because i can’t find them anywhere else and the song is literally stuck in my head. It is “the best song ever”!


  22. Margaret, You amaze me how ignorant you are. I used to respect you but now you make me sick. You have no idea about life or anything going on in it. Maybe you should move back to whatever third world country you came from and leave America to true Americans.

  23. Hey girl, you might like my PRAY AWAY THE GAY….”Pray for us Sarah” on YouTube. One today said I should check out your blog. Keep up the good work to pull away the curtain on this SCARY scenario. It’s like The Manchurian Candidate meets Dr Strangelove! Sandi

    PRAY AWAY THE GAY! …..”Pray for us Sarah Palin!” Wasilla Bible Church promotes Ex Gay Retreat!

  24. diane – margaret was born in america but thank you very much for the racist comment anyways. i’d also like to thank you for degrading third world countries and showing us how “true americans” really think.

    i love you margaret.

  25. I love the immediate response of Diane and folks like her: “you disagree with me, so go someplace where i dont have to be challenged by people who are different than i am.”

    I hear it all the time: “i’m better than you, i’ll throw you a half-assed compliment like ‘i want to respect you’, i’m better than everyone else and people who agree with me are better than everyone else, and if you disagree go away/shut up/sit down/get back in the kitchen/leave america to the white folks/straight folks/men/true americans/xenophobes/etc”

    Same formula, different day, different moron. 🙂

  26. In related news, Congress is about to screw us all royally by passing this bailout bill, the financial equivalent of The Patriot Act.

    Chances are, Obama will vote for it just like he voted to RENEW the Patriot Act March 2, 2006

    The bailout is going to help the exact same companies that have been jacking up the price of oil. Don’t you think it’s odd that gas has been so cheap lately ($3.77 in the Bay Area is what passes for cheap these days) the same week that Wall Street has been all kinds of fucked up and looking for a handout? Here’s why –

    Best thing you can do is pick up the phone and call your Congressman. Tell them that if they vote for the bailout you will vote them out of office. Here’s a list of California reps

    Senator Dianne Feinstein (D- CA)
    202-224-3841 202-228-3954

    Senator Barbara Boxer (D- CA)
    202-224-3553 202-224-0454

    Representative Jackie Speier (D – 12)
    202-225-3531 202-226-4183

    Here’s another eloquently put speech on just how fucked up this bailout is

    God really must hate us …

  27. YES!!! YESSSSS! Margaret you are so fucking right, and it pleases me to no end to hear it – Sarah Palin is a “women hater in the extreme” and how the fuck are so many people duped by her – men and women alike!? And she could be goddamn president!!! WHO’S IDEA OF A GOOD IDEA IS THAT?! Jesus jacked up fuckin Christ!

    I am just encouraged to hear someone recognize these things and say so. It’s so obvious and people still seem to be equally divided on her – as if there isn’t a reason the press is quickly ushered away if there’s any chance she’ll say something. Or as if voting for a woman in office would actually benefit women simply by her being there.

    Alright, love you long time Margaret.

    by the way, donating to planned parenthood in Palin’s name, as suggested by another poster before me is a great idea. I suppose it’s worth something that Palin is indirectly the cause of my first donation to them.

  28. it’s not about her issues though, and it should be. making jokes about fucking her or calling her sexy has absolutely nothing to do with why she shouldn’t be in charge of the country. sexism is a problem because of this kind of thinking. just like it wouldn’t be okay for someone to call a log cabin repub a faggot and harrass him on the street, it’s not okay to use sarah palin’s sex as the basis for your jokes or criticism. a person’s beliefs don’t exempt them from the protections and defenses we would give to our friends.

    yes, you have every right to say what you want. it’s your own blog and the 1st amendment is still standing. however, it’s a totally legitimate criticism to say that using sexist language is not an okay way for a self-proclaimed progressive feminist queer woc to express herself. we’re here to support each other, which means calling each other out when we make mistakes.

    own it and show your fans that you’re really the role model we’ve always thought you were.

  29. Amanda said: I don’t see how your obvious (and obviously said in humor) objectification of Sara Palin is any worse that the backhanded way it is being done by the media that is being smiled upon by the GOP and Palin herself.

    the problem with this logic is that it assumes the whole “2 wrongs make a right”, which we all learned was not the case sometime in kindergarten. you can’t claim the moral highground if you’re willing to sink to the same insulting levels as those who would keep you down.

  30. what amazes me the most , considering your overall liberal political views, is how painful it had to have been at some level to admit having those lustful thoughts towards a conservative.. any conservative! Talk about the ultimate 13th step!!! I will say that in his day, McCain was quite the hottie but time has turned him into the non-cartoon version of Cotton Hill from “King of the Hill” .. and Sarah Palin is very much the non-cartoon Peggy Hill.

    These are some difficult and confusing times.. Margaret Cho sluts it up down at the Lust and Loathe fantasy cafe’, King of the Hill becomes a reality show and gas prices soar in a flatulent economy ?

  31. <>

    I actually feel a little sorry for this nut job, Diane Blouse, as she completely makes an ass out of herself in front of God and everyone … the misspelling the name is intentional because she has unbuttoned her soul and revealed the boob … M.C. is an American, born in America and raised here as well. She is so frickin’ American she could proudly drive a Chevy truck through the mud on the way to a baseball game.. She appreciates, both, the weiner and the bun in this hotdog-eat-dog cuntry. When the national anthem starts to play no one slaps their bosom harder than she!

  32. Palin is a Female Chauvinist Pig, a term i steal from ariel levy, who wrote “Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture. i think you’d like it, and no, i swear i’m not on her promotion team…i just really liked the book. (:

  33. This is for “Diane Bloust”: Margaret is an American; she was BORN in the States. Telling her to go to a third world country would be incorrect as well because, if Miss Cho were born in and remained a citizen of another country, it would be South Korea, which has the 12th strongest economy in the world with less than half the population (roughly 49 million) of Japan (which has roughly 125 million), so South Korea is not a third world country, you ignorant, hateful, racist person. Plus, why are you spending your time on Miss Cho’s blog? Shouldn’t you be with your Rush Limbaugh brethren? BTW, only NATIVE AMERICANS are legit TRUE AMERICANS FROM AMERICA, so if you want to tell people like Margaret to go back to their country, then why don’t you go back to England/Germany/Poland/Russia/Finland/wherever your ancestors are from. Wait, can you even trace your ancestry? Highly doubt it.

  34. your post on Palin was the funniest thing I have seen on the internet in a long while, also, i agreed fully with it. thank you for this post, it only further brings it home. I’m still a CHO HO!!!!!

  35. Diane Bloust is a sad soul considering that south korea is not a third world country and the fact that margaret cho is very american. she expresses her views, the 1st amendment and who the fuck are “real americans” any ways? are you implying that racists are? you fucking idiot go educate and fuck yourself you ignorant piece of shit

  36. To set the record straight:

    Hey, I want to say and “Mike Rolan” did not write the article you link to above. I did.

    The article appeared, rightfully, under my name in the Campaign Silo at

    The article was lifted by an RSS feed and slapped the name Mike Rolan on it. If he hadn’t claimed ownership I wouldn’t be complaining, but I’m proud of my work, thrilled to be at, and think Margaret is awesome. Compare the time stamps.

    Previously I’d written this


  37. I would be okay with her pro-life stance if she believed in extending maternity leave, providing on-campus housing for single parents and other things to help girls “choose life.” But it’s the blind parroting of the pro-life stance that bugs me. Think it through! (btw, I am pro-life BUT I am not for making abortion illegal. I think that would be stupid. I think we should help girls who need it).

    Palin is a parrot, and I think that’s a dangerous person to have in the White House. 8 years ago, I might have voted for McCain. Back when he had a spine. Now he’s a Bush disciple and I can’t stand him.

  38. I completely agree with everything you wrote here!
    I do feel like the media is more harsh on Palin for being a woman, but at the same time, SHE is the biggest misogynist out there! I’m disgusted that the media is associating her with feminism because she is a woman of power, when in fact, she goes against everything women have fought so hard for! Your posts are so awesome and intelligent, keep them coming!

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