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I look like the whore of Babylon!!! And look at that little dog! My Gudrun:



from Amanda Brooks

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  1. you’re so fierce that it’s obviously rubbed off on that puppy… that bitch is posin up a storm in that photo with you!

  2. If the TV show Dallas were still on, and was set in ….say, not Dallas, in like …Arabia meets Korea, but still had the same crazy premise with the same crazy fashion and drama, that 2nd pic of you would be the promo pic.

  3. I was checking out the ‘Daily Puppy’ page and can’t believe that Fabreeze is advertised on there.

    They have a section that talks about puppy mills and yet they advertise a product made by Proctor & Gamble, one of the leading companies that do senseless testing on animals because they dont’ want to spend on computer software instead.

    I don’t buy ANYTHING from P & C, ever!!

    And, if you write them, they will blatently tell you they do animal testing too.

    They don’t care. 🙁

    An no one’s stopping them either.

    Boycott Proctor & Gamble products.

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