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  1. Damn. Four comments and not one about…er…about the fact that….um….
    Yeah, okay. Shutting up.


  2. Selene is amazing, you are amazing… just wanted to say that it is so nice to see you two on TV!! I fucking love The Cho Show!

  3. Congrats to Selene & Travis!! She is so glamorous & gorgeous!

    You both are so beautiful and fabulous!! Absolutely love you Margaret–You rock my world!!! Love the new Cho Show!! Never miss a second of it. Thank you so much for that!! You absolutely make my week!!! *XXXOOO*


  4. Congrats to Selene. I think she’s awesome.

    Margaret, you fucking rock. I can’t remember what it was like before your show. I want to go hang out with you, Selene, and all the fags. I just wished they’d have aired your show 10 years sooner. The sitcom was awesome, but the reality show is 10x better.

  5. creth – so funny. had to Laugh Out Loud at your comment to brightstarr. =)

    btw, is this really true? they are married?

  6. Yeah, I second that, brightstarr is a grade A cunt. And Selene is one accomodating lady to rock those country tassles for her man!

  7. i think selene is precious, she is the perfect sidekick for margaret. it’s nice to see she has someone like travis in her life, congratulations.
    i love you too margaret, your show is great & your parents are so cute. i am 60 years old but have always watched you, of course my favorite was when you imitated your mom talking, that was so cute.

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