Sneak Peak

By Brian Juergens

This is like a gift from the summer Friday gods! We’ve gotten a hold of the entire first episode of The Cho Show, the new Margaret Cho reality show premiering next week on VH1. (Having the same birth-parents has its benefits, even though Best Week Ever totally won’t talk to us at family reunions.)

I’ve been leery of getting too excited about The Cho Show, because I adore Margaret (seen her five times) and was worried that a reality show wouldn’t be able to capture her magic. But from the looks of the first episode, it’s actually a great fit.

In the first ep, Margaret debates whether or not to accept a “Korean of the Year” award, and goes on a star-studded personal journey as she weighs her options. Of course, Margaret’s parents, her gays, her hilarious (and little!) assistant, Selene, and her fellow Korean comics all weigh in, providing all the off-color humor and inappropriate fake accents that we’ve come to expect from Cho.

All I can say is, Kathy Griffin better watch her back. There’s a new sheriff in town!

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