Photos by Andrew Takeuchi

I’m making good use of my first week off from my tour! Here are a few pictures from a shoot I did this week.

Knots by Midori, shots by Andrew Takeuchi. Kind of like Memoirs of a Gay-sha…



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  1. The photos are beautiful, and you photograph very very well. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Midori first hand and be in on a class or two, she does some amazing stuff with rope. (hope you don’t mind me dropping in, found your blog through a dizzying series of links).

  2. Amazing, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous are just some of the words that come to mind.

    I hope you are getting a couple large format prints or print paintings for yourself.

  3. Hi Margaret,

    I just wanted to say you look so great and I also love the dreamy/surreal quality of these rope bondage photos! I recently saw you somewhere on youtube and you are not only smart, but funny and sexy.

    Keep it up!

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