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Cho brings a raunchy humor to Metroplex

By Todd Camp

“Some of the biggest laughs were unprintably raunchy (but none the less hysterical).”

GRAND PRAIRIE — During her packed show Sunday night at Nokia Theatre, Margaret Cho proved that even preaching to the choir can produce beautiful music.

Cho came through town on her Beautiful tour and addressed everything from body issues to government sex scandals to all sorts of subjects we can’t repeat in a family newspaper.

The lady
Cho has been busy lately, popping up in the new film One Missed Call, which arrived on DVD last week, and starring in two series on the gay network, Logo: Rick & Steve and Sordid Lives: The Series. This summer, she will star in The Cho Show, a new VH1 reality series about her family and friends.

The lowdown
The crowd was made up largely of gay men, as apparent by the whoops and hollers in response to her frequent references to gay-themed subjects. Despite the coarse nature of the material, no one seemed offended in the least, though people were occasionally taken aback.

The laughs
Unfortunately, some of the biggest laughs were unprintably raunchy (but none the less hysterical). Cho opened her show with a Texas twist: “I’m not a polygamist, but I am slutty. Does that count?” She touched on other topical issues from the Virginia Tech shootings (also by a Korean named Cho) to the pope (“He’s very mean. I think he’s from Slytherin.”).

She also tapped into her familiar impersonation of her mother and ended with a particularly racy song (again, too rude to share, dang it).

I guess you had to be there.

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