True Colors in Boston

The Boston and Atlantic City shows were awesome. In Atlantic City we were joined by The Gossip! I love them! They are incredible!!!

And last night in Boston, Rufus Wainwright brought his adorable stars and stripey looking band to the show. I love him!! I love everyone.

Photos of The Gossip, by Diana Yanez:






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  1. Margaret, It’s been a long time since the concert and I’m just getting around to reading the backlog of your blog, but better late than never I suppose.

    I just wanted to say how amazingly, inspiringly awesome you and everyone in True Colors were in Boston. After 6 years of George Bush, we new england liberal queers have been feeling a bit put upon, but True Colors was one big reminder that we are not alone, that there are good people fighting the good fight with us. The memory of you all at the end of the concert with your fists in the air as Cyndi sang “don’t be afraid” brought me to tears and will be with me all my life.

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