Tattooed Tribe

It hurts to look at it, but it is finally finished. I think it hurt even more this time, maybe because I forgot about the pain, much like childbirth I am told. I made lots of impressive faces, but I stayed fairly still the entire time. I have now passed over to the other side. I am now of the tattooed tribe. My life is all new, with this brand new body, and the chance to start over. It is a fantastic rebirth, and I am so glad to be here. Thank you to the “DON” of tattooing, Don Ed Hardy and his lovely wife Francesca Passalacqua, and my friends Forbes, Suhaila and of course, Andre, cameos from Dave and Karen from Moongirl (who make the most awesome clothing and cute cute cute bags with felt doggies), filmmaker and Hardyologist Emiko Omori and the all-hottie staff at TattooCitySF. I love my tattoo!!! It is the best thing I have ever put on and I am never taking it off.

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