JT Fascination

All over the news again? Whoever he is, JT LeRoy still fucking rules!

It is wild because everyone I really love is very upset about JT LeRoy…

I don’t know him, so I guess I am not reacting to it on the same level at all. This whole thing is painful and bizarre for all involved, but what I love about it, is that everyone who weighs in on it (great amazing authors like Susie Bright, Michelle Tea, Clint Catalyst, Ducky DooLittle – and JT LeRoy) I am a huge fan of all. It serves to remind me that we exist out there, in so many ways, in these tremendously gifted and articulate voices, and it proves to me that our invisibility is coming to an end, and that finally we are here, this glittering array of literary genius, that breaks my heart and soothes it time and time again.

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