Dear Gov. Schwarzenegger

An open letter to Gov. Schwarzenegger:

Hello there Governor,
I am responding to your comments on the recent “Meet the Press” where you said if they did not put a stop to same sex marriage in San Francisco something to the effect of – “the next thing you know there will be riots and injured and dead people in the streets.” I don’t believe these were your exact words, but that is good enough. Is this a threat? Are you going to go down there yourself and turn that red light on in your eye and use all your Terminating morphing mercury ways to stop it? Have you come back from the future to stop same sex marriage?

Why do you believe that this will have to turn violent? What is so wrong that you actually believe that there will be blood in the streets if Mayor Newsom doesn’t stop issuing marriage licenses? Are all the roles you have played on screen starting to become indistinguishable from real life? Have you played politician before? This isn’t the movies. This is real life and there is no stunt double and no script and no director and you are not acting. This is love. This is happening. And you cannot stop people from loving each other. What is going on is beautiful. Don’t you think that it will be peaceful and joyous if you just let it be? What are you protecting us from? Heterosexuality? Homosexuality? Bigotry? Prejudice? Homophobia? Heterophobia? Flying bouquets of flowers? Rice thrown about willy nilly? The song “Here Comes the Bride” changing to “Here Comes Gay Pride?” What affect does this have on you, other than that it inflames your own prejudice and beliefs that gays and lesbians should not have the same rights as all other Americans?

So far, your decisions as governor have not made a good impression. I wrote you an impassioned letter about Kevin Cooper’s imminent and wrongful execution, pleading that you not kill an innocent man, and I received a form letter telling me to read some tourist book about our great state. Cooper was given a last minute reprieve, and his case was re-opened, but that was not your doing. I understand. You were probably busy working out. How much do you bench press these days? I bet a lot. Yet the weight of the state just kind of rolls off your big shoulders, because I haven’t seen you do anything except agree with the right wing conservatives who have nothing to gain in the war for same sex marriage except the satisfaction of knowing that they can control the citizens of our nation and impede their freedom.

Is it that immoral to you that there is love between consenting adults which has nothing to do with bigamy, bestiality, incest or any of the other perversions the theocrats love to fantasize about – that will defy the status quo? Are you really afraid that this will open the floodgates of faggotry in the USA? Suddenly, the state will start to resemble Berlin in the early ’30s? It will be the Weimar Republic all over again, and we might – God forbid – experience a renaissance of art and culture and tolerance. Can I play Sally Bowles? Perhaps the idyll didn’t last for them, but it wasn’t because there was a ‘religious right’ there to stop the ‘madness’ of freedom and acceptance, it was Hitler. But I don’t have to tell you about that, do I? You know a lot about him. A little more than most people do, I would say. But I am not here to judge your role models. It just concerns me when you try to emulate them. He really hated homosexuals.

Don’t pretend like you aren’t good friends with lots of gay people. If you are an actor in Hollywood, there is no way to avoid it. All the hours you have clocked in makeup trailers in the last several years and you still think there is something wrong with homosexuality? Wow, did you have to grit your teeth every time a brush crossed your cheek? You must have TMJ.

I don’t think that you hate gays. If you did, you would have looked really bad on screen. What are you trying to appear like now? Is this image upgrade going to help the Planet Hollywood chain from dying out completely? Who came up with that horrible Captain Crunch chicken dish? In real life, are you the hero or the bad guy?

I actually think the Terminator films are cool. But are you?

Margaret “Sarah Connor” Cho

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