Free Tommy

Is there anyone out there that didn’t know that Tommy Chong smoked pot? What is wrong with people? Why is it a surprise that he was selling bongs on the internet? Who the fuck cares anyway? If anyone should be selling bongs – it should fucking be Tommy Chong. What is the problem? Now, Chong, half of the legendary comedy duo, Cheech & Chong, is facing jail time for trafficking drug paraphernalia online. That is fucking stupid.

Cheech & Chong were made famous for films like “Up in Smoke” which were all about smoking pot, getting high, smoking dog shit after the dog ate the pot, being stoned off dog shit, getting more high, making their van run on pot. In fact, their career came to a screeching halt when they started to crossover into other areas. Nobody went to see “The Corsican Brothers” because it didn’t have anything to do with weed. Cheech & Chong were weed personified. If it were not for them, what would we have watched while getting high in the 70s?

If anything, Chong should be receiving a lifetime achievement award of some type for his contribution to our collective consciousness or unconsciousness. You have to admit, “Where’s Dave?” is fucking hilarious no matter how many times you hear it, whether you are stoned or not. Certain things have universal appeal. Babies always draw a smile. When someone greets you with a handshake, more than likely, you will shake their hand in return. And everybody, I mean everybody thinks that sketch where Cheech & Chong were pretending to be dogs and sniffing each other’s butts is funny. If you don’t think it is, you are lying or you are dead. Pot is not what is endangering our nation, nor is the internet sale of bongs, especially by someone who has been advocating the use of marijuana for more than a quarter of a century, working not only as an activist in the decriminalization of the drug but also some double duty as an example for the Just Say No crowd to use as a cautionary tale – “This is your life on drugs. Tommy Chong.”

Chong is a political prisoner. He is a victim of the riotously invasive Patriot Act, which gives too much power to law enforcement officials and this ultra-conservative administration to scare the public into a malleable police state. Those drink cards that so generously offer you a free latte after the purchase of ten or so are not as innocent as they seem, as they work to help the government keep tabs on you, find out what you spend your money on, where you spend it, who you are, what you might be doing. I am not paranoid because I am stoned. I mean it.

I don’t like pot, and I don’t plan on smoking it myself. It makes me want to go to sleep, but then I can’t because my throat is too dry. I am too lethargic after a bowl to get anything done and I lose the plots of films too easily and I am worried that I said something that I was thinking and that is why everyone is looking at me, and then I realize I am on stage.

Smoking weed doesn’t do anything for you, just like any drug that would be taken purely for recreational purposes. If you seek relaxation, then relax. Since when does anyone need to be drugged into taking a load off? Sure nobody needs it, but then again, many people want it. Let them. Who cares? Pot smokers are the most benign, harmless, red-eyed tired drug users. They are not anywhere near as treacherous as crack addicts or alcoholics for that matter. Potheads are too stoned to get it together for a revolution, but they are being attacked now because they are such an easy target. They move slowly, plead guilty, get passive and scared pretty fast. It is up to the rest of us, the unstoned, to make sure that this doesn’t threaten the freedom that we should have as Americans.

Free Tommy Chong.

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