Psychological Terrorism

Psychological terrorism is the name of the game. There is not a moment that goes by where I am not told to be afraid of something, as this is how the government/media/powers that be would have it. The level of alert raising daily at random, the constant reminiscences of 9/11 in “terror-porn” on the numerous news channels, pundits with bulging neck veins raging against the breakdown of the American family, the constant advertising warning the young against acne, the old against incontinence, the women against fat, the men against baldness, the Blacks against the inherent racism of the Whites, the Whites against the dubious safety of the urban city centers.

That everyone else thinks that Asians have SARS and are opportunistically reaping the sorrows of the ghetto by opening liquor stores and will serve you a cat in a restaurant without a hint of regret and then get out on the streets and drive, that Latino illegal immigrants are impacting the job market (as if) leaving ‘real’ Americans jobless, that there is a terrorist sleeper cell operating in the mosque down the street, that gays will not only give you AIDS they will redecorate your home in a way that is too fruity and overcharge you for the pleasure, that Stephen Cojocaru will make fun of your outfit at the Emmys, that Elton John is having a garage sale, that lesbians will buy all the deck sanding equipment at Home Depot, and that if the Defense of Marriage Amendment is not passed, that all the world will no longer regard marriage as a true ‘vow’, that high school kids are all listening to music that makes them want to commit suicide and take the entire cafeteria down with them, the New Age/therapy obsessed that there may be things that you don’t know are wrong with you that are wrong with you, that the too-afraid-to-leave-home-now Internet people will get blasted by a worm made by one of those pissed off kids who didn’t get shot or isn’t dosing someone with rohypnol and date raping them or given Parkinson’s by using ‘E’/’K’/’Wet’/’Fresh’ at a rave, that you might get anthrax/West Nile/acid reflux, taken down by a dude with a bomb in his shoe or in the mail, or knocked off by a sniper in front of a Michael’s while you innocently shop for supplies to make Halloween crafts for your house, which maybe they should just fucking cancel this year because it is Halloween all year round now because we assume that there are razor blades in all the apples and Mike Myers (the murderer not the comic) has cloned himself and is behind every tree, shrub, rosebush, mailbox, pumpkin, SUV.

I ain’t scared. What reason do I have not to be scared? I think that the fear is having an effect on the way we live, vote, buy – so much that we are a changed nation, no longer able to think or act rationally and I would like my life back. I guess the only thing I am afraid of is, I might be wrong.

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