True Colors in Boston

The Boston and Atlantic City shows were awesome. In Atlantic City we were joined by The Gossip! I love them! They are incredible!!! And last night in Boston, Rufus Wainwright brought his adorable stars and stripey looking band to the show. I love him!! I love everyone. Photos of The Gossip, by Diana Yanez:

True Colors in Atlantic City

Diana and I walked around the Borgata until we found some True Colors crew…Yay! This is us partying in the B Bar. What are all those orbs and smoky images? None of those were there when we were in the bar… hmm….ghosts at the bar? I am not tired anymore. Now I am homesick, which […]

True Colors Photos 1

Some nice photos from Diana Yanez! The Dresden Dolls: Me: Erasure: Deborah Harry: Rosie O’Donnell: The Cliks:

True Colors in Columbus

The tour is making a stop today in Columbus, Ohio, and I know I said I was tired before but I really didn’t know what I was talking about. I have never been so exhausted in my life and my ‘t’ key is sticking. Ttttttttttttttrying to get it to work is making me even more […]

True Colors in Chicago

The Chicago show was incredible. I love Chicago. It is one of my favorite cities, with its beautiful old buildings and warm, affectionate and enthusiastic people with their cute accents. I always have a great time. We are now on planes, and I miss the Dresden Dolls bus terribly. After several days of sharing bathrooms, […]

True Colors in Denver

Stayed up late on the bus watching “Jackass” with The Dresden Dolls crew, and then slept the sleep of a rock star on the road without a groupie. I needed it badly. This tour is pretty grueling. I am sure I wouldn’t be so tired if I didn’t insist on rocking out to every band […]

True Colors in SLC

Seriously, I am so tired I am freaking out. We had an amazing opening night in Las Vegas, and now we are just outside of Salt Lake City at the USNA Amphitheatre and it is going to rock! We left late last night on The Dresden Dolls bus. I never toured on a bus before […]

True Colors in Vegas

Note: sorry for the late entry – part of being on the road! The True Colors Tour kicks off today. I have been in Las Vegas for the last two days rehearsing and getting ready and hanging out with everyone. Here are a few pics from dinner taken by Diana Yanez. Here is me with […]

I’m Beautiful

This is my latest video. It is for Elaine Hendrix and her song “I’m Beautiful,” from “Bam Bam and Celeste.” There are some fabulous cameos by Bruce Daniels, Jason Stuart and Penny Starr Jr. It was directed and shot by me and Ian Harvie. It will be the last one for a bit because I […]

True Colors

In June I’m going to be hosting the True Colors Tour. I am totally excited about getting to see Cyndi Lauper every night – along with the Dresden Dolls, Erasure, The Gossip, Debbie Harry… the list goes on. This is the best show ever! Here I am at a photoshoot with the amazing Cyndi Lauper. […]