Online Shopping

What am I doing? I am shopping online, which is only my favorite thing to do in the whole world. Isn’t that dumb? I am not trying to toot my own horn or fart out a reville or something, but I have done some fairly incredible things in my life. I am able to pursue […]

My Jacket

We should talk about clothing sometimes. I have beautiful, impeccable, imaginative, innovative and flawless style, no matter how many times I have been featured on worst dressed lists. Every time I get dressed, there is passion and an eye for detail involved. Comfort, class, weather, time of day, time I will be gone from home, […]


I bought some perfume in Cannes. I was walking around, there was a heat wave, so everyone had to be practically naked. Because of my tattoos I had been publicly assaulted numerous times. I don’t know why but the world seems to entitle itself to grope heavily tattooed women. Sometimes, it was charming, but that […]

The Hook

I am a shopper by nature, but not by profession, and I try to curb this tendency, because it does get expensive over time. Although I have fine, fine taste in everything, there are things I have acquired that I didn’t want, almost as soon as I had purchased them, and I’ve had to unload […]