A Sexy Combo

American Apparel is probably the store I shop at the most. They are ubiquitous, with branches in every shopping area in every city I go to, and I can’t have enough leggings or boy briefs in bright 80s colors. American Apparel reminds me of an 80s store called “Units” which was all cotton lycra separates in coordinating colors that you could mix and match and Read More

Donut Pussy

I had a new procedure called the “G-Shot,” which is kind of like plastic surgery, kind of a body modification – but you don’t see it. It is on the inside. It isn’t something I would necessarily normally do, because I am very happy with my vagina the way it is. It is one of the finest in the world, and really needs little embellishment. Read More

SC Sex Toy Ban?

Note: Margaret is on the road and away from her computer (she’ll be back on Monday), but said we should post this story:

South Carolina state representative Ralph Davenport (Republican, SC) has proposed a bill that would make sex toys illegal in SC. If passed, selling them would be a felony in the state. More info on Read More

Plan C

Thank you Jess, for the topic today. Jess is a young woman with an amazing mind and is a person who makes me really trust that our future will be secure and we will not blow ourselves up and forever have to live in a really dusty plain where we have to build walls with old tires and fortress ourselves within them, because everyone is Read More


The Roman Catholic Church is talking about how condoms don’t block AIDS. I don’t know what to say about that. And taking the vow of celibacy doesn’t prevent pedophilia. What is wrong with them? If they oppose all forms of birth control, then when do we get to actually fuck? Or how do we get to fuck? Do they promote pulling out? Douching with a Read More

I Love Hip Hop

I love hip hop. It is a language that speaks to me, with the complexity of the beats, the dexterity of the rhymes, the posture and pride of rappers that makes me swoon. It is like opera to me, with all the sturm und drang of Wagnerian proportions, but with modern values and transformative knowledge. My newest obsession is The Neptunes song “Pop Shit”. I Read More

In the Colombian Parliament

In the Colombian Parliament, MP Luis Eduardo Diaz was suspended for bringing out a rubber dildo during a parliamentary debate. He was using it as a prop, to demonstrate the need for mandatory sterilization to control the birth rate of the poor population of Bogota. After offending many members of Parliament, he lost his temper and left the dildo on the desk of the Minister Read More