New #BeRobin event videos!

New videos of my #BeRobin busking for the homeless event in San Francisco yesterday. Thank you to everyone who came out and donated and especially to our huge sponsor for the day, Love is Louder. Also a huge thanks to Glama-rama Salon for giving haircuts to the homeless and to Steve Marmel for driving a […]

Margaret Cho talks Robin Williams & Busking for the homeless in SF

I found that I could not stop grieving Robin Williams death and I couldn’t get over it and I spoke to my friend Michael Pritchard, who is a mutual friend of mine and Robin’s and he said, “don’t grieve Robin, be Robin”. So this is what I thought I should do. I should go and […]

Videos from #BeRobin Events in San Francisco

From now until the end of the year I will be busking in the streets of San Francisco to help the homeless – many hours a day….. If you can’t join me, there’s another way to help: Throw a few bucks to help feed the needy! DONATE HERE: I will tweet (Http:// and Facebook […]

Helping the Homeless – #BeRobin

From now until the end of the year i will be busking in the streets of san francisco to help the homeless – many hours a day….. I will tweet and Facebook where i will be and id love any of you to come down and help me feed and entertain people. The homeless problem in […]


There was this one house I lived in, a very large old victorian in San Francisco, near the hospital by Haight street. The building seemed to be some kind of annex to the hospital, perhaps at one time housing staff or patients who were doing somewhat better or maybe even dying, but it was now […]

Margaret Cho on Finding Your Roots

Finding Your Roots

  Margaret Cho’s episode of Finding Your Roots airs this coming Sunday, May 6, from 8-9 pm ET on PBS (check local listings). You can see a clip of Margaret talking about living in the Castro in the 70s HERE. ‘I’m so in love with Skip! Please watch this!!’ – Margaret UPDATE: Watch the full episode Watch […]


I have never been arrested, and that is really kind of a miracle, truly remarkable considering the amounts of bad I have done. Nothing in the way of harming anyone, as I have harmed myself most in my wrongdoing, but lets just say there are library books still checked out from the 70s, VHS tapes […]


I learned to drive in a beater of a car, an old Buick Le Sabre, massive and almost impossible to park on the curb starved streets of San Francisco. because of that thing I can parallel park with the precision of a jeweler laying a flawless diamond into a six prong setting with one stroke […]


pathetic life

Are you old enough of a person to remember reading zines? I once wrote a song about them, but I can’t find the demo now. I will have to rewrite it, if it’s worth it. I think so. Zines were tiny self published magazines, sometimes very small and like a bunch of Xeroxed pages with […]



I absolutely love the “Sons of Anarchy”! I received the first three seasons on DVD for my birthday and so I swallow 3-4 episodes at a time as I cannot stop once I start. It’s thrilling and my lower back aches from all the backstabbing and I am fascinated by the tight plot twists and […]

Crab Season

Before reality television, I was aware of Dungeness crab season. The catches then didn’t seem so deadly (although I am sure they were – they just didn’t have cameras to document it) unless you accidently caught your finger in a set of snapping claws, but this thankfully never happened. When it would get really cold […]


Do you knit? Are you crafty? There was a brief hipster resurgence in the venerable pastime of knitting, and that is cool, but me, I am a sewer. Knitters and sewers are like mods and rockers. Opposing but similar. Together but divided. I think I would like to knit, but there’s something so noble about […]