Satan’s Work

It is revolting that the gay marriages are being annulled in San Francisco. I don’t understand why these bigoted, arrogant, nosy, busybody ‘conservatives’ have to trample all over civil rights in order to make everyone understand that they think that homosexuality is wrong. You know what? I think that intolerance is wrong. I think that […]

There is a God

The Scott Peterson trial began last week. With the murder of Laci Peterson being absolutely one of the most unavoidable crimes in recent memory, it is hardly certain whether or not he will receive fair treatment in the courtroom. As highly publicized as it is, I know very little about the crime itself, just that […]

Semana Santa

Semante Santa is Holy Week in Mexico. That was where I was attempting to spend my vacation. I have a hard time relaxing. It was nice to escape to a completely different world, not so far in miles, but impossibly distant in the way we live. For the important days, my husband and I rattled […]


I just saw “The Passion of the Christ,” and it was a lovely film. I know how it ends, so it wasn’t really suspenseful, but the way that it completely bowls you over is pretty scary. Being raised as a born again Christian and Buddhist, the story of the crucifixion was always somewhat glossed over. […]

More Letters III

Note: The author of Letter #1 in the entry from 11/20/2003 responded and the discussion continues. > Margaret, (Got it right this time) Thank you. I was just pulling your leg! > I’m glad to see we have some common > ground in all this. You asked why, if > Biblical mandates are so important, […]

So Fucking Typical

That is just so fucking typical. Reverend Stephen White, infamous for preaching against homosexuality and sexual promiscuity at Yale and other universities is facing charges of attempting to solicit sex from a teenage boy. White had been well known for his impromptu speeches denouncing minorities, gays, other religious groups that didn’t follow his particular brand […]


The Roman Catholic Church is talking about how condoms don’t block AIDS. I don’t know what to say about that. And taking the vow of celibacy doesn’t prevent pedophilia. What is wrong with them? If they oppose all forms of birth control, then when do we get to actually fuck? Or how do we get […]

Letter to God

What if God was one of us? What kind of God are you? Dear God, I hope you get this letter. I hope things will get better around here. we don’t need a big reduction in the price of beer. Please make the journey easier for people from Mexico to cross the border into Arizona, […]


The Bible just got a makeover! There is a new teen magazine called Revolve, which is actually the New Testament disguised as a girl’s fashion publication. So instead of JANE, it’s MARY. It’s not TEEN PEOPLE, it’s TEEN DISCIPLE. It’s choc-a-block full of sidebars of top ten tips like where to go on a date […]

“Christian with an Attitude”

In the Heartland, where in the daily paper there is a section called “FAITH,” there is a big feature on the Christian comedy movement. There is one man describing himself as a “Christian with an Attitude.” Right on. This comic is the main event at numerous Promise Keeper conventions. He rages against the illogically ‘politically […]

Paul Hill

Paul Hill was executed for the fatal shooting of a doctor and his wife, family health professionals who cared for and counseled women during termination of pregnancy, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, pre and post natal care, all important and vital for women’s health. His day went something like […]

Southern Decadence

It’s Southern Decadence, here in New Orleans where thousands of gay men have flocked to dance and celebrate another year surviving being gay in America. I went on a search and rescue mission for my gal pal Bruce last night. He’d bought an ostrich feather mask and some beads that had toucans every 6th bead […]