Margaret Cho Opens Up About How Joan Rivers and the Go-Go’s Changed Her Life

Lyndsey Parker Yahoo Music March 21, 2017 Strolling through the aisles of Hollywood’s Record Parlour store, sifting through bins crammed with more than 50,000 vintage vinyl albums, comedian/musician/TV host/rabid music fan Margaret Cho heads for the comedy section and excitedly grabs a copy of 1983’s What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most, by her comic idol and Fashion […]

Remembering Joan Rivers

In this special bonus episode of Monsters of Talk, we pay tribute to the legendary Joan Rivers.  

Putting the fun back in funeral

Joan Rivers put the ‘fun’ in funeral. I arrived almost an hour early, as our invitations had suggested because of tightened security. I snuck into a side entrance, so I missed the grand spectacle of paparazzi, fans, well wishers and shiny black cars, a mass of people covering at least 3 city blocks in front […]