Lt. Dan Choi on Trial

When Lt. Dan Choi finishes up with his trial, which will take place on Thursday, March 28, in Washington, D.C., he and I are headed to Jeju Island, South Korea’s own little island paradise. Dan needs some paradise right now. He is on trial for contesting and questioning Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which was later repealed, yet now he has to go to court, and Read More

For Why is it great to be a queer icon?

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xoJane asked Margaret Cho to shed some positive light on the Michelle Shocked controversy by talking about what an honor and a privilege having a large queer fanbase truly is.


Why is it great Read More

Michelle Shocked

Well, Michelle Shocked, I am actually totally shocked. What the hell?! It’s freaky to me, the whole business of going from a queer icon to someone who would actually say that God hates us. When the shock wore off, I found people were super angry but I just got scared. I think that as a queer person of color, I have been scared my entire Read More


I don’t think that we can talk about bullying enough, I mean, I know I complain still, and this is stuff that happened easily over thirty years ago, but I think it’s hurting me, and continues to. It’s not one of those things that therapy and stuff like that can fix. I am just going to be mad about it until the day I am Read More

St. Louis

Yes, I may be a lying pervert – according to the Westboro Baptist Church, but that hasn’t stopped me from playing St. Louis, and my lies and perversity get me invited to better parties frankly, so let’s just say that I am in it to win it and I am what I am and that is it.

We can make fun of the scary idiots of Read More

It Gets Better

I was bullied pretty badly when I was a kid, the worst period falling between the ages of 10 and 14, I think. People tell me to get over it, and that I am an adult now, privileged and famous and constantly applauded not only Read More

Rick Perry

Rick Perry’s new ad is so gross, and has more dislikes on YouTube than ‘Friday’, which is no small feat. I actually like Friday (haha my shame) but I am glad that people have the sense to give Perry a thumbs down. It makes me believe in this country and the good feeling and smarts and fine taste we possess Read More

We Deserve Rights. We Deserve Life.

Each year World AIDS Day falls on December 1st, and on that day and most days really, I think about AIDS, and what the disease has taken from me. A lot. It has taken a lot from me. More than I can think about sometimes, Read More